My Demands

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Re: My Demands

#16 Post by way2co0l » Jan 13 2017

What do you think the term "under duress" means? :P lol. As for the rest of it, I don't feel it's worth arguing about. I've been in favor of better tools for transferring land through peace deals following war, but I don't personally care for the idea of selling land. Not even counting the lack of real world examples, it just feels incredibly gamey in every game that I've known to try to implement such a feature. I'm definitely in favor of a better way to award territory after a war though to make those borders look better. It's just not something I have high hopes for considering how difficult it would be to implement into the game. Perhaps when their modding tool is released, if it has the option to edit active games, then maybe we can use that to clean borders up ourselves. I personally think that's the best we're likely going to see in regards to this sort of feature.

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Re: My Demands

#17 Post by C.S.A » Jan 13 2017

+1 on that.
My main problem with the game is predictability. You can rest assured Russia will tank everyone in 2020 lol. World peace is boring and fixing borders is definitely an issue. I'm OCD. Poland annexing Albania hurts my feelings in the context their 5 or so nations apart |O . I believe transferring colonies and hexes would be great.
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