Alternative Interfaces & Icons!

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Alternative Interfaces & Icons!

#1 Post by Finbar66 » Jul 27 2006

This would be great - like different themes.
I would really like to see a more 'sharp and scientific' set of icons for buildings and units. Is this possible?

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#2 Post by Legend » Jul 27 2006

Sure anything is possible... with lots of money to hire lots of people...

To actually include different themes when we release the game is not something we are going to do. We have hundreds of icons so, creating different icon sets is not likely for game release. What we can do is possilbly provide options to use different image sheets. So if you or someone in the modding community creates new icons, you could pick an option to change them.

We currenlty have mods that address icon "contrast" and icon "high visibility" - check out for details on these mods.

A different suggestion is if you want to see something particular, let us know what your design ideas are. If you have some examples submit them for us to actually see what you have in mind.

Any further thoughts?


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