Anti-Sat Missiles?

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Anti-Sat Missiles?

#1 Post by Leafgreen » Apr 19 2006

Once I build enough satellites, I have no need for awacs or any type of purely scounting type units. The enemy is forced to fight through my borders and most likely into the heart of my country to get to my launch pad, if taking it destroys the network (or access to, same result).

What about anti-satellite missiles capable of being built at launch pads? Taking that a step further, what about space-based nuclear missiles?

Even a special laser facility able to 'blind' (basically destroying the sat, as it's rendered useless due to overloaded/burnt out systems) satellites would work - although how to limit it from clearing the skies quickly isn't coming to mind.

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#2 Post by Khorne » Apr 19 2006

I have always wanted anti sat missles and space nukes.
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#3 Post by commanderandrew » Jun 16 2006

They are real the Russians, to the best of my knowledge, have built Anti-Satalite missles if a space based weapons race occered and/or to shoot down American Satalites.

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Anti Sat stuff

#4 Post by Eric Larsen » Jun 27 2006

I too would like to see some anti satellite warfare capability. Part of dominating the high ground of space is to keep your satellites working. The EMP of a nuclear blast in space certainly wouldn't be good for the health of satellites. There has been plenty of actual anti satellite warfare capability research and production going on and it should be in the game. Not quite realistic that once you've launched your satellites you never ever have to worry about them getting shot down or blown up or just plain short circuited.

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