common speed for all group units

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common speed for all group units

#1 Post by BG » Jul 23 2005

The game is very nice but since you give as the chance to ask for more i cant deny that i have a wish.
I whould like that all units within a single same group to move with the same speed as an organised force and not berserk units that run as quick to kill as many and eventually they get killed.
Of cource that speed whould be equal to the speed of slower unit within that group.
I think the above whould cut a significant amount of micromanage especially when you deal with 1000+ units.

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#2 Post by BigStone » Jul 23 2005

Good one... :-)

The first troops that arive on the battle grounds are my supply trucks..


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#3 Post by ozmono2005 » Jul 23 2005

I agree this would be an excellent idea.

However I'd really like to see an option to be able to create divisions from battalions as the 9 or so groups you are limited to is to often not enough. Sometimes I'd really need 30 or so groups and having to assign a number to each not to mention the space on the bottom of the unit pop up screen this would require is unpractical

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#4 Post by BattleGoat » Jul 25 2005

We'll definitely be working on this one... I've always agreed that we need something and telling your faster units to "Escort" the slower units is just too micromanagy (new word ;) )
- David

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#5 Post by BG » Jul 26 2005

I hope you do work on that since it will give us a feeling of command chain and allow me to name my units as subordinates of bigger ones with some meaning.
However i think it whould be nice addition to add NATO sprites for combined groups like many games have instead of having only unit sprites.It really makes me feal a real general when i have a mao showing NATO type sprites to represent individual or groups of units.


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