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 Post subject: Help me with economy
PostPosted: Aug 24 2015 
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So one thing I always kind of disliked about the Supreme Ruler series is how opaque the economic system is - it is extremely difficult to determine why things happen the way they do - like for example why unemployment steadily drops despite no new industries being introduced, or in my current game as Italy - why is my Tax income steadily dropping like an anchor?

It happens when I go to war with the allies and I start facing petrol shortages. Obviously I expect my industries to produce much less than 100% capacity because they are not receiving enough petrol but how is this causing my people's tax income to drop so rapidly? It's already bad enough that I am having to spend so much money importing consumer goods/industrial goods because I no longer produce enough myself but now having my tax income drop like this is like pouring salt on a wound. Why does this happen and how do I stem the tax loss so that I can buy more time to produce new gas fields? The way it is now, unless I can figure out how to retard the tax income loss I lose the game because I cannot build new gas fields fast enough to begin offsetting my shortages.

P.S. I also am not a fan of how industry on foreign land takes a big penalty. It almost makes me not even want to conquer new land because then I just get more inefficient industries with more demand so I then need to produce more just to stay at the same level I was before I conquered them. It's like conquering land is a burden instead of a reward. Is there any way to modify this affect so there is no production penalty on foreign land? Or maybe there is some method to offset this penalty which I am unaware of, such as garrisoning troops in the vicinity? That would make sense... It doesn't make sense that a mine which produced x metal suddenly produces much less once the mine is captured. Does my nation have much lower working hours than the rest of the world?

 Post subject: Re: Help me with economy
PostPosted: Nov 01 2015 
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Stockpile oil before going to war then.



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