New Update Beta - 8.3.26

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New Update Beta - 8.3.26

#1 Post by George Geczy » Jan 08 2015

We have a new update in the works, and we're trying something new with pushing this as a public beta update. So the update is still in QA Testing, but if you'd like to give it a try right now you can set your Steam Client to receive Beta Updates:

1) In your Steam Library, Right-Click on the Supreme Ruler 1936 Name, and select PROPERTIES.

2) Click on the BETAS tab in the popup dialog.

3) Select "Beta - Public Beta" in the dropdown. No access code is required (leave it blank)

Close the popup, and you should start receiving the update right away.

If you encounter problems, you can follow the above instructions to opt out of the beta and return to the previous version.

If you opt in to the beta and notice any issues, please make sure to create a post about it or send us an email to (unless there are already posts about the issue on the forum).

Here is the changes in this version from the previous update:

Version 8.3.26
  • Slight fix to firing missiles from air proxy (inherit proxy from plane)
  • Support Govt / Support Opposition now also influences belli values (both ways)
  • -- (Effect is stronger if acting region has good treaty & WM approvals)
  • Adjustments to AI Ruler consideration of hostile action in high volatility
  • Resolved rare crash when zoomed in to top of map north/west of Alaska
  • Resolved Air Transport compiler bug, again (hopefully for good)
  • 1941 starting known designs updated
  • Support for multiple AIParams files
  • Alert message list now has game option to sort ascending (My Options - General)
  • Fixed support for alterante region names
  • Hong Kong, Puerto Rico and French Guiana now colonies in modern maps
  • Map fixes Bulgaria/Romania for '36 through '41 maps
  • Map fixes to modern maps
  • Cold War map starting designs/techs improved, ticket remains open
  • Cuban Cigars scenario fixed
  • Hanoi Hilton scenario fixed
  • Burma Flag fixed, Mod flag for Facist France added
  • GUI fix, expense report tooltip, overdraft interest charge reported
  • Research Expense report fixed
  • Adjusted naval strategic deploy locations
  • Leader fixes in modern maps
  • Events improved for '40 and 41 start Sandboxes including Bessarabia, Second Vienna and Treaty of Croiva
  • Tech Tree minor update, some dead end techs removed/remapped
  • Equipment file, tech prereq fixes, Obsolete date adjustments
  • Equipment file, Enterprise style nuclear supercarriers for other nations
  • Equipment file, minor fixes to unit stats
  • Removed IDLE from Espionage choices
  • Starting Domestic Approval fixed for 1940, 1941 Maps (esp Germany/Italy)
  • Social Services (safety net) spending no longer increases GDP
  • Birth Rate and Immigration fixed for high GDP regions
  • Petrol is now consider a consumer good as well as a military good for Minister Priorities
  • "No Sphere" lobby option added to Scenario / Engine support
  • Resolved compiler optimization issues: Air Transport bug & Merge Crash
  • More leaders for modern maps
  • User Interface fixes
  • Cold War events expanded
  • Other events added/fixed
  • 3 new tank equipment meshes
  • Conditional Event changes and additions
  • Global Crisis Sandbox events added
  • Tech Tree additions - buildings now change through 3 eras, not just 2.
  • Minor optimization improvements
  • Resolved rare crash when zoomed in to top of map north/west of Alaska
  • Map fixes
  • Order of Battle / Equipment Fixes
  • Strategic Targeting fixes for minor regions
  • Corrected Victory Condition filtering/functions to match maps
This update brings Supreme Ruler 1936 up to date with all the core engine updates that have been added to the game engine for Supreme Ruler Ultimate at this point.

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Re: New Update Beta - 8.3.26

#2 Post by mheliz » Jan 11 2015


I use it and although I find it difficult to observe the differences, I found out that if I use my C-124A Globemaster II (which I do quite often) it uses up the whole carco space whatever you load. Also with just simple paratroopers. So it loses it's spare cargo capacity and cannot load multiple units or deliver some goods to the battlefield. I believe this was not the case before the beta, but I am not sure.


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Re: New Update Beta - 8.3.26

#3 Post by mheliz » Jan 11 2015

It also happens with the c-74, but not with the c-75. Again, maybe it has nothing to do with the beta, but still.


Re: New Update Beta - 8.3.26

#4 Post by MrRipper » Jan 11 2015

That sounds bad. Thanks for noticing Michiel. Ill test it in Ultimate.

The units u are using is US?

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Re: New Update Beta - 8.3.26

#5 Post by mheliz » Jan 11 2015


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Re: New Update Beta - 8.3.26

#6 Post by Balthagor » Jan 11 2015

Problem exists for land/air/sea. Confirmed.
Chris Latour
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Re: New Update Beta - 8.3.26

#7 Post by wasp » Jan 23 2015

Is the economic model still broken? Do you still have a situation that by 1955 practically all countries became bankrupt? No economy=no military=no fun playing the game=don't buy this game period.

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