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PostPosted: Oct 08 2014 

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Sometimes there is an AA unit in a hex with 6 garrison units. I send in a stack of 6 tactical bombers and choose "Bomb unit" and select the AA unit from the popup list. Is that the correct way to tell the air units to take out the AA unit first? Because it doesn't seem to work. They start hitting the garrison units first every time. The wiki says :

"Be aware of the special rules for engaging stand-off units, such as artillery and anti-aircraft. If a stand-off unit is in a hex alone, a ground unit can attack it like any other unit. But, when a regular ground unit (infantry, tanks, etc.) is in the hex as well, the stand-off unit cannot be attacked until the ground unit is finished. This can be used to protect artillery and anti-aircraft, and let them escape. Note that indirect fire or aerial/naval attack has no such need to attack the ground unit first."

PostPosted: Nov 01 2014 

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It might be something with the current version of the game, while i havent tried it yet in Ultimate, the way you said your doing it, has always worked for me...

Image Image

PostPosted: Nov 11 2014 

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The damage to AA units is much lower, because they have better defense against planes. If you want destroy the AA units first you have to overbomb that hex.

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