MP games between UTC 05:00 and 13:00 working days

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MP games between UTC 05:00 and 13:00 working days

#1 Post by mrgenie » Dec 21 2011

The idea is to keep the game running in the background (except for wars between human players)

Rules: between humans any war should be balanced!

if you play USA, and another human Albania, you don't attack Albania.. If Albania is played by an AI,
you can attack..
if Albania is human, Albania might choose to declare on war on the stronger human(USA).. in that
case the USA has the right to destroy Albania.

But anyway, no specific rules.. just keep it balanced.. if there are 2 players.. not much fun in it..
if there are 10 human players, I'm sure balancing will occur automatically..
USA against 9 EU countries would be nice..
(China, supported by some other smaller countries as Nord Korea, etc) vs USA and Russia

can think of many scenarios.. just should be balanced..

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