SRCW Consistently crashes 2-4 years into gameplay

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SRCW Consistently crashes 2-4 years into gameplay

#1 Post by djk1518 » Jun 06 2015

Hello! I've had this problem for about two years, and it limits my campaigns to about 2-4 years. At some point, the game will crash to desktop with no error message displayed. A sound bug will play the last sound effect at a rate of 8-10 times per second, and will not stop until a restart (Note that shutting down and powering up does not fix the problem, the computer must be explicitly restarted by selecting the "restart" button. The issue can sometimes be temporarily resolved by verifying the integrity of the game cache in steam. In this case 1 file is replaced, but the game invariably crashes again, generally after 10-90 ingame days. Reinstalling does not fix the issue. I've sent a savegame to the battlegoat support email

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