Unit Fabrication won't start

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Unit Fabrication won't start

#1 Post by abc » Mar 03 2015


Figuring out the game. Need some help please.

Playing as Canada in year 1950. Tried to fabricate new units. No matter what I try it seems impossible to fabricate new units. I can add them to the queue but the never start production. The queue just stays the same...as if the game were paused.

At all the fabrication locations (land, air, sea) I have 50+% supply. I have 30 available and 7 deployed on the bottom of the screen (military availability). I have all facilities activated (fabrication facilities that is) and no lightning bolt is present.

It seems that I can add things to the queue (and yes I have all available supplies of all types...and supply to the hex is as stated above: 50+%) but the build queue doesn't actually result in anything being produced. The queue can be full and the production still reads: 0/4.

Can't think of what I'm missing. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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Re: Unit Fabrication won't start

#2 Post by LoganZombieOfTime » May 08 2015

How many units have you put in the queue?
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Re: Unit Fabrication won't start

#3 Post by Zuikaku » May 08 2015

Do you have enough MGs?
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