useless navy

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useless navy

#1 Post by mark2410 » Aug 05 2014

hi, relatively new to the game.

why are the navys so incredibly useless? i have a large navy and i would like to prepare for war by sending my navy near the prospective country. can i make the AI do it? cani buggery. can i manually order the navy to move? can i hell. trying to send my navy to the far east it tries to go via norway and the north pole which it cant or it tries to sail via the F ing baltic only to turn around when it gets to st petersberg.

ive set the area i want to high military priority, low everywhere else, none it places it likes to sit. still it wont move. so if i just declare war it sends out fleets of merchant marines that gleefully sail to their oblivion as the sail right inte the waiting jaws of their navy while my ships think it vastly more pressing to fill the st lawrence river and surround denmark.

just what the hell. how do i make the damn ships go somewhere useful?

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Re: useless navy

#2 Post by LoganZombieOfTime » Jun 16 2015

You can manually move your merchant marines with a lot of effort by selecting them to go one place in the sea and then another etc. Just remember once the ships get to there destination they will turn around and go back to port. You can send you combat ships with your merchant marines by selecting the ships to escort the merchant marines
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