ROE and troop problem! Plz help!

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ROE and troop problem! Plz help!

#1 Post by CedarEmpire » Jun 11 2014

I can't seem to be able to control roe and I can't move troops even with initiative as none !
Big help plz ! :cry:

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Re: ROE and troop problem! Plz help!

#2 Post by Salazar » Jun 13 2014

Still some braves playing this eternal beta? Good, maybe we can support one another.

My experience with war in SRCW goes down to managing everything (it's really no boogy man, it's mor like a boagey man).

What exactly do you mean by your troops not moving?

Have you declared war on someone?

I always decide and control exactly which units go where, cuz they tend to travel a bit to far for my taste and away from where I'd suppose they'd go with Battle Zone settings.

I use Patrol, for example, if I want some ships to be around a certain area.

HOWEVER, if you are already inside enemy territory you may be overlooking the Supply issue. Land troops need to be escorted by Supply/Transport units or they will run out of ammo and fuel (as in real life).

Do specify a bit more your question, I'll be glad to help (where your troops are, what type they are, what are you trying to do).

Forever [_]B

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