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#1 Post by steelwarrior77 » Apr 25 2014

when I create battlegroups and put them in formation they still get messed up when ordered to move (some maybe running out of supply?) - so I kinda give up ordering them manually - and when I click on battlegroups symbols and numbers somehow they do not get selected....
Any hints I´d like to controle my forces manually but cannot like this...
Oh and how to order transport planes to give supply to units?

And I set my defense minister on 0 initiative - choose my battlegroup - lock out the minister and have low initiative too - but when I change settings the minister is suddenly not locked out anymore and for example loss tolerance has changed back too - to the old value???

Is the game supposed to be microed or played on AI controle?

And how to make heavy supply trucks really work - somehow thes just get stranded - out of supply all the time....

And in general - I love this game - just still struggeling with a few aspects...

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Re: Battlegroups

#2 Post by Salazar » Jun 13 2014

Dunno if you still comeback here, but...

Just make sure you install the most recent updates to the game, I have version 7.3.1 I think it is, have no issue with battlegroups.

I really recommend micromanaging always, every aspect.

About the supply trucks, you really need to research better ones, with more capacity. At the moment I use those with 168t capacity, and I need roughly about 2/3 of them, to the number of offensive units I use. Also, researching Stirling Engines and Stirling vehicle refit will be very very useful, reducing the consumption of supply.

When you reach a town with airfield, you can fly in transport airplanes. If the supply wagons are on the same hex or really close, they'll resupply faster.

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