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Missing Subs

#1 Post by GenPatton43 » Mar 20 2014

This was something I noticed in the past but didn't think much of it until I started a new campaign. There seems to be an issue with putting subs into the strategic pool at times. You can put them in with no issue, but if you try to retrieve them, they'll appear in your units list but you're unable to select them and do anything whatsoever with them. I'm playing a Modern World Campaign right now, but it has happened in the stock SRCW campaigns also.Its almost as if they are sent to the very farthest parts of the North Pole where you can't even see them. You're also unable to issue orders via the unit menu also. Clicking on "Send to Reserves" or "Send for Repairs" doesn't work.
Just curious if anyone knows of a solution?

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Re: Missing Subs

#2 Post by Salazar » Jun 05 2014

But still no reply to this???

I can forget about getting support to this issue alright... I just noticed the same, lost years worth of fighters cuz I wanted to try that Order...

Forget it if you haven't already, I'm going to reload an older save game.

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