From SAV to Scenario

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From SAV to Scenario

Post by ngduyhieu »

Suppose that I created a powerful empire. Now I want to become another nation to challenge my past. This is my motivation.
So how would I convert one of my SAV files to a scenario?
I did it two year ago based on what I read here, now I totally lost the force. Help help help.
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Re: From SAV to Scenario

Post by number47 »

Just load that save in multplayer, select different country, save again and load it in singleplayer (you'll have to transfer the save file between regular an MP directories).

Or edit the scenario file to call for "yoursavefile".sav instead the original one (cold war.sav or what was it) if you really want to crate a scenario from your file. (haven't done this in a while so the instructions might be incomplete)
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