Trying to mod techs.

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Re: Trying to mod techs.

Post by number47 »

I'll take a wild guess but the logic implies the answer should be in the region of...

One increases the plant production of product and the consumption of resources, while the other one increases the production of product while consuming the same amount of resources as before. Or simpler, one affects plants input and output, while other affects just output.
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Re: Trying to mod techs.

Post by georgios »

similar question between social rating and social cost...

Any ideas?
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Re: Trying to mod techs.

Post by Fistalis »

georgios wrote:similar question between social rating and social cost...

Any ideas?
One directly raises the rating.. the other one actually reduces the cost of maintaining your current rating. While functionally the same they likely have both to have more control of the exact effects. IE raising the rating a certain % vs lower the cost by a certain %.

Also iirc the social costs are directly impacted by population numbers.. so I imagine lower the cost would prove more effective in high population regions.
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