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Crashing to Desktop

#1 Post by Anthropoid » Mar 11 2019

Came back to SRCW after a long hiatus. Playing as Soviets. No mods, nor other edits to any game files at all. About the only setting I might suspect is 1920x1080 resolution.

Oct 49 through late Feb 1950, no problems, but then in March 1950 I started getting periodic crash to desktop. No obvious signs of clues about when, how or why in game, and it seems to happen at various points in run time (immediately after loading a save, then try loading the same save again and no problem . . . but then 20 minutes later in the midst of running in-game time on slow speed, BAM! CTD)

Has only happened about 3 or 4 times now, but I figured I'd inquire. I don't recall any of these SR games ever having this sort of problem in the years I've played them, so I'm puzzled as to why.

Is there a directory with log files or anything I could check out?

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