my reveiw of the game series reveals alot about me

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my reveiw of the game series reveals alot about me

#1 Post by crackshot519 » Aug 17 2014

I have played 700 hours of your games hear is what I think cold war

I played as usa and Russian bombers that have tu22 binder 5400 km range come down from the arctic and bomb me

they go across the pacific too, and bomb la, Europe untouched my bombers just wing it target wise wile Russia's have pre designated targets then my game freezes on very slow mode if they ditched the real time and did hour, 10 minute turns with a load bar going across the screen I suspect the game already does this at 15 times per second same speed as your eyes for smooth gameplay
10-50-100m grid system (use existing map just where the 16km forest hex is beside a grass Plaines hex simple patches of forest into planes in the 10m hex what was the 16km hex, proper build system (3 tomahawk missiles day up to 50 day per missile center and 20-30 atomics per day just have a month delay to get production lines built because the current build system the worker builds one part then f's off instead of building more parts like they have been doing at ford since 1910's and having more lines for the more work intensive parts) this sorts itself out by having transport plane or ship restraints same with units and commanders have a list of 20-30commands and list the importance level 1-15 and if you rate a command same level then round 2 1-15 again but only once have the units go though these orders every time they move bam custom ai/in depth orders build your divisions by squad by squad basis or default, m133's m133 120mm mortars, m113 aa adats realistic aa kills 4 missile burst the plane is gone supply system per round, for mortar, artillery and missile aa because they only carry 125 155mm a peace (5 tone truck) not counting the gun or charges.

the supreme ruler series is like India can't decide if it wants to be socialist or capitalist and it dooms it's people to bone crushing poverty by doing so unlike china in the 80's after Mao died, like the game can't decide if it's a game or a military simulator though 15 to 30 days of extra work with the next gen game engine SR ww1 you can release 2 games with tenth of the development time and 30$ separate dlc of ww2, cold war and 2020 on the same engine and be the only game on the market that is proper lack of a beater word anal (got that word when I was 10 from a 15 year old aboriginal girl on reserve near port hardy BC visiting my uncle who is aboriginal [different father than my mother's father]) about military sim just like the child argument who would win Canada v usa military with following insurgency

think of the impulse buys advertise the game with Google nato vs Russia or nato vs china country A vs country B plug in more variables at the beginning of the game dump the political and economic aspect and be top general take orders from the leader.

just to play it once to satisfy their curiosity the game could be so much in depth with decent graphics and build my own units ship and plane just have shipyard sizes and air strip sizes and please put in fuel truck units and realistic maintenance cost a Virginia class sub cost 50 million in maintenance not 1.1 billion as in 2020

as you can tell world of tanks has caused me to get manic an take a hammer to wall and 2 doors wall is fixed but the door not so much and on 250$ every 20 day meds schizoaffective and I would make military sim myself but software licences and lesser extent math and graphics keeps me from doing so aren't supreme ruler games made by 2 people. what I consider a good time is figuring out the fuel tank size of a ship based of the efficiency of the engines and visiting sights like the and 4 trillion barrels of shale oil in the usa in place and 1-2 trillion recoverable with eroi of 1-2.6 (oil sands 5-7)

You can get uranium 238 from seawater using hicap getting patented now and has been tested university of Washington state made it.

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