French in Vietnam

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French in Vietnam

Post by GreenGoblin »

Short of invading mainland France, is there any way to make peace with France as North Vietnam. In my game I have conquered all of South Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia and dealt the French nearly a million casualties. Yet they are still sending endless merchant marines to their doom in my ports.

How to make peace?!
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Re: French in Vietnam

Post by number47 »

Kill them all...that's what I did :lol:

Just don't go invading the mainland, that's a bit more difficult due to all the allies in Europe :lol: :lol: :lol: (but you are safe to take Corsica from them)
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Re: French in Vietnam

Post by KesslerK09 »

If you know how to mod, give the suez canal to any country. That will stop their military from coming.
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