Questions on colonies, etc

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Questions on colonies, etc

#1 Post by Caliph » Oct 27 2012

I have a few questions about the game.

1: How do colonies resources work? They give you excess goods they don't need?
Lets say I am USSR, and I have all the Soviet states as colonies like when the game starts.
When I look at my resources screen, the one that tells me how much of x good I produce and what my stockpile is, is that list including all of my colonies, or is it just the main nation?

When I build more agriculture in, say, Ukraine, does that increase my agriculture for the whole Soviet Union, or is that kept separate as the agriculture level for Ukraine and not USSR?

2: Population. The population seems to be broken apart by different colonies. So the population for the Soviet Union on the ledger is just the population of the Russian SSR, and the populations for Ukraine, Belarus, Moldava, Kazakhstan, etc, are all calculated separately? So to get the true population of the Soviet Union (including colonies) I would have to add them up all together?

It makes sense for countries with colonies like the United Kingdom and France, whose colonies were indeed separate entitites, but for the USSR it seems ... wierd, since the USSR was supposed to be the overarching body that had these smaller elements (the SSRs) in it, like how the federal government vs the states in the USA.

3: Migration/Employment. Can people migrate? I see the "free trade" and the option to "free trade of labor force", but it is automatically not checkced for the Soviet union. Does that mean workers in Ukraine, Uzbekistan, etc would have to have jobs in those colonies and could not migrate to jobs in the Soviet union? So if I wanted to maximize potential in the colonies I would have to build jobs (buildings) for them to work at?

I see messages saying that I am nearing full exmployment capacity. If my colonies and/or other countries have "free trade of labor force" treaties with me if they have free workers would they migrate at this point?

How do I get more population? Is migrating, ie getting labor treaties with other colonies/countries worth it? Or do you have to wait for your population to grow or annex another country for its population?

Thanks for the answers, I've just recently got a powerful enough computer to play Supreme Ruler Cold War and these are some questions I had after playing it last night.

Edit: I'm playing Cold War version 7.2.2.

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Re: Questions on colonies, etc

#2 Post by LoganZombieOfTime » Jun 10 2015

Colonies will be forced to accept your offers. this means you can pay nothing for all of some resource, money, or technology. in order to get the accurate population you will need to add all of the population up,
when you can't build an army, buy it. :evil:

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