Labor Shortage...what to do about it

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Labor Shortage...what to do about it

#1 Post by HidekiTojo » Mar 02 2013

I am playing as either Australia or Canada and they get into labor shortage if I build one or two facilities,

what is the deal with labor shortage and how do I deal with it?

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Re: Labor Shortage...what to do about it

#2 Post by PyongYang » Mar 02 2013

You need more population. Go invade some countries!

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Re: Labor Shortage...what to do about it

#3 Post by forumname » Mar 21 2013

At some point, I always invade China for the workforce.

When playing as China, I always invade India for the workforce.

Its a very narrow strategy, but the key to the game is economics.

If you have the cash, you will be able to conquer the world.

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Re: Labor Shortage...what to do about it

#4 Post by Franc007She » Aug 12 2018

I play as China and lack in labor force.

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Re: Labor Shortage...what to do about it

#5 Post by Eldin » Aug 12 2018

There is not really any "labour force" in the game, as you would think. It is all abstract. The reason why you experience labour shortages is because of your inflation. You get a high inflation when your GDP\c grows at a higher rate than your economy can handle. The reason this happens is because your are putting too much money into your economy and thus you need to reduce your expenses to reduce GDP\c growth thus inflation. This is not so complicated, once you know how the economy model works. I adcvice the following when you try to expand your industries.

1. Be patient. Do not build more than your economy can handle at once.
2. Reduce social spendings and\or increase taxes when you are constructing buildings. This will lead to a slower GDP\c growth (because less money is inserted into your economy) and you will be able to expand your economy faster. I usually lower or even totally shut off social security, environmental spending and cultural spending when I see that my inflation is getting out of hand. I also manually control both taxes, social spending and consumer goods and other products that are consumed (oil, electricity) in addition to military goods and industry goods.
3. Do not overproduce units. It is easy to build a lot of military construction fabs, and not realise how they will affect your economy. When you build units they add very little to your economy (from my experience) and thus they are a direct expense you do not get a return on. Balancing your budget may prove difficult when you produce a lot of buildings and units at once.

If you want a more in depth explanation, you could read an earlier comment I posted with more details and tips on how to control your economy and growth.
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Re: Labor Shortage...what to do about it

#6 Post by MonroeHin » May 03 2019

You're so right, Eldin. I find myself just nodding and saying to myself "yup, I do that" on all those counts and end up with a labor shortage sooner or later. haha

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Re: Labor Shortage...what to do about it

#7 Post by YoMomma » May 03 2019

Gameplay 1st

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