Update 3.7 Available

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Re: Update 3.7 Available

#61 Post by Balthagor » Jan 30 2014

The last update had a very big improvement to game speed.
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Re: Update 3.7 Available

#62 Post by Antonin » Jan 31 2014

Balthagor wrote:The last update had a very big improvement to game speed.
That's great news! Thank you very much!

I have been playing SR2020 for years and have always wondered what it would be like to step back into the Cold War era. The China-USSR split is especially interesting to me.

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Re: Update 3.7 Available

#63 Post by Anthropoid » Mar 16 2019

Not sure why I'm even bothering to inquirs on your boards about your game. As far as I can tell, you guys no longer support, much less take any interest in any of your older titles.

But ah well, here goes:

Reinstalled Supreme Ruler Cold War (from Gamersgate). NOTE: until recently I had an old install on a different drive (which was the subject of my recent post "Crash to Desktop" thread which has yet to receive any response). Launched a new campaign as USSR.

Noticed my portrait was the black player silhouette ("pic20000.jpg") instead of Stalin.

Grabbed the 7.3.7 patch from this board, and installed it. No change to the player avatar. At that point, also noticed that: many of the other world leader portraits are just generic pics from SR2020 era instead of the more naturalistic and accurate leader pics I recall from playing the previous installation of the game recently.

So what gives? Any idea why many of the leader pics are generic instead of specific representations of actual historical leaders?

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