Eritrea, Vietnam, Japan, East Europe, and the Himalayas

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Eritrea, Vietnam, Japan, East Europe, and the Himalayas

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I just want to say all of the annoying stuff about AI vs. AI wars.

Eritrea : Ethiopia has engineers which can cross rivers but they don't use them to take the final town of Eritrea resulting in a stalemate

Vietnam : I've seen North Vietnam reserve their whole entire army and do nothing but I think Vietnam should have guerrillas auto-spawn and receive more aid from China and the Soviet Union.

Japan : North Korea easily takes south Korea but doesn't stop at Pusan. I think this is because all American Units are directed toward Seoul and don't change and because the USA doesn't have ground Units in Japan.

East Europe : protesters don't spawn

Himalayas : And in my recent games I've noticed that India would take over Tibet and then be pushed back to the original border
when you can't build an army, buy it. :evil:
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