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Naval Enhancement

Post by DenisG »

Hi folks.

After having done a number of hours with different nations focusing on naval strategy, I would like to propose a formation move option for those units.

When moving a battle group through sea, it happens too frequently that the group is being attacked in the wrong moment, when the carrier is too far upfront or the supply ships. As I make use of actual naval tactics here, I try to keep the supply ships and carriers in the center of the formation and have surrounding protection corridors with destroyers, frigates, and subs.

I imagine the following: Selecting the center ship for your formation (usually carrier or/and supply ship, but could be any) and then select the surrounding ships and there position depending on the hex logic. The first circle may be directly bordered with the center hex of the main ship in the middle, while the second protective circle may be one hex apart. Also, we may want to discriminate between the ships upfront and the ships further back, depending on direction of movement.

I believe that this concept may also be applicable for AI and hence make the old theme of naval tactics in the game a lot stronger.

Looking forward to reading your comments.

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