Neutral incursions-URGENT!!

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Neutral incursions-URGENT!!

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Hi, could be possible to infiltrate in neutral countries? In SR2020 in GRE you can change the item and incur in neutral countries without transit treaty (but you can't atack neutral units without war) in SRCW there is a great new!: you can atack neutral units and is no necessary to declare war..we really apreciatte this. But we can't deploy land units (even in stealth mode) in neutral territory. that obligate us to declare war or to celebrate a transit treaty with the nation that we want to stealthy atack. Specially in SRCW is a diplomatic disaster declare war anybody so would help us a lot can infiltrate behind "enemy"(neutral) lines and (if completelly destroy enemy units in the zone) don't be detected. Sorry my english is no good. Thanks!
PD: maybe its dificult to define when the neutral country detect us. One idea could be that the neutral country give us 72hs to leave the country before declare war( of course deteriorating the relation ) . other idea is that only military edifications give the alarm. so if we avoid military edifications and completelly destroy the units that engage we can't be detected. Only ideas. Infiltrate was a characteristic of the cold war, and would give the game more adrenaline
I HAVE A TERRIBLE EXAMPLE: i'm ally of egypt. 1956. Israel declare war to egypt, then palestine declare war to egypt. that gives to me 24 hr to incur in palestine before it dissapear forever. only would takes a few special units well entrench in two little towns to stop the israel advance. The CRUEL israel advance. I have the units flying from Libya..but what happens? palestine is a colony of egypt. I have formal alliance with egypt, all transit authorizations, etc..but palestine is a colony, so i cannot deal with them, only by egypt, but I CANNOT walk in palestine because my transit treaties are with egypt not with palestine. the planes fly over palestine but download the units in egypt, i give them the order of walk by to palestine, they walk to the invisible border egypt-palestine and stop. WHAT I HAVE TO DO? DECLARE WAR ON PALESTINE TO DEFEND IT FROM THE ISRAELIES? I will abandon the game if I cannot defend an ally, or if a cannot change the history. Has no more sense to me.
Please, take note of that: we hate the conventional war: "Hey, i'll declare the war on you -wait, let me prepare my units first" we hate that..we love the cover actions, the incurs, the black ops, the stealth. please don't throw to the garbage so great game
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