Ideas for Supreme Ruler

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Clary Engel
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Ideas for Supreme Ruler

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I'm unsure where to post this. So I'm sorry if its in the wrong place. [_]O

I was just wondering if a new Supreme Ruler was in the making? If so can we have some way to do any of the following?

Blockade Countries and or ports from all trade.

Make No fly zones

Build Military bases in other Countries with permission and maybe by force as part of a peace deal

Purchase resource rights in another Country and work those resources and still give a small cut to their Country, maybe share the resources with a 80/20 split. And pay a penalty for buying the resources but not working the land. (this would slow the other players from trying to monopolize a certain resource.)

Warn a Country about Attacking another Country and maybe stop a war from even happening or continuing.

Help buildup other Countries like their resources to boost their economy.

Sign Treaties and ask other Countries to sign treaties such as
Chemical War Bans
Nuclear Research Bans
Research Agreements
Boycott a Country
Send Aid

Go to war with a certain country as an alliance for combined action.

Maybe open up the Peace Treaties so Countries can make others pay some money and or resources to make up the cost of having to go to war with them. Set some rules like ban them from certain technology research and or weapon bans. Not that they have to follow rules.
and if caught make it a big penalty with the countries that made them sign it. and a lesser penalty to the rest of the world for violation of a treaty.
Give back all their land after peace or maybe keep some as a punishment.

Ask for UN inspections to go into a Country for certain checks or peace keeping forces and give that Country the ability to refuse them.

Move spy satellite to see what other countries are building or how they are moving troops around.

When war happens make the computer cross the oceans to get to the country that they started the war with.

Thanks for your response in advance to my first question. :lol: :lol: :lol:
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Re: Ideas for Supreme Ruler

Post by Balthagor »

I just replied to the email you sent with these suggestions, glad to see you found the forums on your own.

As per my e-mail, the suggestion is to break ideas like those listed here into separate threads. Otherwise you get multiple conversations mixed into one thread that has no clear topic.
Chris Latour
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