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If SRCW is still in development, here is my list of suggestions. My apologies to Balthagor if my thousands of miles long emails about suggestions for Supreme Ruler games bothered you and/or deducted from your work time but I found my way to forums only now. Hopefully, my suggestions helped you.

Strategic pool should probably be made available to any nation. At least it should be changed so that you can switch target and not be forced to have the same target country through all the campaign. Example: United States and Soviet Union would both have been fools if they trusted China during Cold War. (Someone I consider reliable, claimed Mao was secretly hoping for a nuclear war between them so that he could become more powerful while the two superpowers annihilated or at least decimated each other. There is a reason why Soviet leadership did not really shed crocodile tears over Sino-Soviet split). You should be able to change the target country on a very short notice for a quick and devastating retaliation or first strike instead of telling each individual unit to launch each nuke. The strategic pool should also be made that it launches nukes, especially many nukes and/or powerful nukes, to where it hurts the most. Nukes in pool would be useless for anything else than against enemy cities and civilians if your nation had no information where suitable military and industrial targets are. However that is why you have spy planes, satellites and secret agents to scout a potentially hostile country.

Soviet Union should probably be a single, unified nation, not just Russia that has got the Soviet republics as its colonies. Soviet republics as colonies has got some thought as the whole Soviet Union was created by a shotgun wedding. However, the way things currently are, complicates how the game runs. Still though, you should, as a Soviet player, have difficulties in keeping your republics from seceding in 1991.

Computer AI is still so stupid I wish there was an "advisor" system that allows you to control your allies and satellite states units as if they were your own.

You should be allowed to play past 1991.

I would hope for both players (USA and Soviet Union) to get decent chances to develop their armed forces according to what unit designs are left from the once feared Axis Powers. For example, I can imagine that if I was the Soviet Premier in 1949, I would feel my contribution to Balance of Terror is inadequate as long as I dont have strategic bombers capable of reaching United States from the Soviet operated airbase that is nearest to USA. Therefore I would ask East Germany if they still possess unit designs for Me-264 ( or any competing project from Heinkel, Junkers etc and have my engineers research if it could carry a worthwhile nuke to USA and return to base flying from base in northern Soviet Union via route passing over North Pole. I also think the Japanese leftovers from WW2, such as unit designs for their Yamato class battleships, would probably be of some interest to both sides (at least you would think Yamato can carry quite a load of cruise missiles and bombard enemy shore positions with its monster cannons) and Soviet Union could be interested in Japanese WW2 era aircraft carrier unit designs since they did not develop ones of their own before the very end of Cold War and purchasing carrier unit designs from USA would be expensive to Soviets since USA is a hostile country.

I have the feeling the following will be difficult if not impossible to implement but just suggesting:

Supreme Ruler Cold War should not have two main factions but three actually. While those nations loyal to USA were marked with blue color and those loyal to Soviet Union with red, nations with allegiance to Peoples Republic of China should be marked with some different color maybe yellow.

As long as Soviet Union and China remained in friendly terms, countries in Chinese sphere would remain friendly to Soviet Union and countries in Soviet sphere would remain friendly to China. However if Sino-Soviet Split occurred, then they would become unfriendly and you could no longer ally with them.

China should get similar strategic attack option in the right up corner of the screen but they would have the option to choose if they should launch an attack against Soviets or USA or both.

Countrys actual allegiance would depend on did they FIRST ally with Soviet Union or China.
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