Update 4 if there is one

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Update 4 if there is one

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I have some requests if there is a new update or even for the new game thats coming.

1 Is it posible to have an option to turn off alliances at the start of the game meaning that you will have to form alliances yourself like in Supreme Ruler 2020 as i tend to play as UK and it gets very slow due to all the allies it has.

2 Id like to have the option of controling what spear im in.

3 When the Seways Canle Zone is disrupted when Egypt and Isreal go to war is it posible that no mater who takes it international shipping can still get through there as what tends to happen is in Isreals advance they take the northern city and then Egypt takes it back but it dose not return to Seways.

Basicaly i as UK and needing that canal open have to invade Seways but i have to do it in away that keeps Seways in tacked when it falls i normaly wait till iv got the Princes Transport and Green Bery send them to Cyprus and when i declare war drop on Seways while the navy keeps the water way open and holding off Egyption forces.
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Re: Update 4 if there is one

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Already discussed in another thread;

http://www.bgforums.com/forums/viewtopi ... 63&t=21316
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