capture weapons (in future SR)

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capture weapons (in future SR)

Post by dax1 »

What do you think if, in the future, we may be able to capture weapons and ammunition during a battle?
we could use weapons that the enemy abandoned or increase our military goods.
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Re: capture weapons (in future SR)

Post by golden.pole »

i think it is a good idea. but i think it would work better if we could capture stuff for example from taken bases and not from won battles. it is just a matter of implementing this idea.
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Re: capture weapons (in future SR)

Post by Anthropoid »

It is already in the game to a limited extent: if you conquer a 'region' and have not changed the default game settings, any remaining units will transfer to you so you will 'capture' those units. The setting is labeled as something like "Units lost when region falls" or something like that.

Because naval 'units' in game represent one naval vessel, it might also be possible within the existing game to capture those even before you defeat an entire region; for example if you overrun a port hex where vessel(s) are in reserve. Air units represent squadrons (12 to 24 aircraft) so again this could happen in game as it is now, but again I have not noticed it happening.

Apart from those possible examples of capturing assets, and the 'handover' of units that occurs when a region falls (depending on settings), I'm not sure land units should be 'capturable' though. I suppose it is conceivable that a sufficiently rapid takeover of a military base/town with a barracks where units were in reserve _could_ lead to the motor pool(s) and armories being over run so fast that enemy troops are not able to either remove or destroy those assets. But generally, if there is any resistance I would think that would allow those assets to be saved from capture.

I'm not aware of examples in modern warfare of extensive use of enemy hardware by main armies. Obviously capturing of small arms, ammunition, and sundry vehicles and other supplies plays a big part in irregular warfare; perhaps I'm not aware of it having been important in regular warfare though? The idea of capturing a whole battalion of tanks or mechanized infantry vehicles or artillery seems a bit unlikely. Even if half of those machines were in fact captured, the problem of integrating them into ones own forces, and manning them effectively would seem to be questionable. One thing that might serve to represent the 'benefits' from captured goods is to calculate some value of Military Goods that are won whenever an enemy unit is destroyed and the hex they were in is subsequently captured.

One thing I sometime wish was in the game was Prisoner's of War and surrender of units. Related to that, it seems to me that units are a bit too predisposed to fight to the death even when they are on the attack or otherwise able to withdraw and would normally disengage or retreat.
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Re: capture weapons (in future SR)

Post by Hullu Hevonen »

I think individual units should surrender when/if their morale hit 0-5% thus allowing you to put that equipment to use
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Re: capture weapons (in future SR)

Post by Aragos »

You can sometimes--if a country is out of reserves--capture gear in barracks that you seize.
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