Changing government type

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Changing government type

Post by Crackerjack »

As it stands the only way to change government types in the game (to my knowledge) is to go from a democracy to a dictatorship or liberate another country to your government type. It would be rather interesting if you could switch between any of the government types and say, roleplay the United States after being overthrown in a communist coup.

My proposal is that you could have an option to begin funding a future coup with the funds going towards raising the amount of approval for the plan from the military. After x amount of funds have been spent and the approval has reached y level, the option to switch to another government type would pop up and BAM you're now a monarchy or what-have-you.

The catch could be a long-term drop in popularity from the civilian population, and partisan units spawning in random cities across your territories, as well as breakdowns in diplomacy.

Would this be feasible?
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Re: Changing government type

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Please help reduce forum clutter and search before starting a new thread; ... government

The concept of "changing government" has been discussed many times and is not a feature have plans to add.
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