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Post by tommo8993 »

One of the biggest things wrong with this game as with 2020 before it, is how wars end. Your either at total war or your not. And when (or in most cases if) peace is declare the front lines stop where they are. Another thing is that if two nations are at war with the same enemy defeated common enemy is split between the two nation. For example if china and Pakistan are at war with India and India looses. Their is a near perfect line split right down the middle of India. This for me is frustrating as I hate seeing it on the map. So my point is, are their any plan to fix the above issue.
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Re: Peace!

Post by Balthagor »

As nothing has been announced beyond update 3, it's not really a question that can be answered at this time.
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Re: Peace!

Post by TheCyab6a »

honestly i would like to see when an AI defeats an AI the looser will become a colony of the victor and if it was divided then there would be multiple colonies
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Re: Peace!

Post by Hullu Hevonen »

Why not give the AI the option Colonize/Liberate/Annex from which it will chose randomly
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Re: Peace!

Post by Zuikaku »

I hope that is already on their most secret wishlist. :D
Please teach AI to liberate and colonize instead of only annexing!
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