About reserves.

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Re: About reserves.

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I agree with this, i don't like using AI at all :O , I prefer to have maximum control as i am a "supreme ruler" I think i should be allowed to decide every factor.

should have both options.

I did not use the AI because i thought that military spending to max would increase it, but now I know..
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Re: About reserves.

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alexander1993 wrote:Hey, I know there is already a thread on this it's just I've really been struggling with it.
The problem I have is that I'm Planning on invading Iran as the Soviet Union; I've built a barracks on the border with them in my puppet state- think it may be armenia. The problem is that despite having a barracks I can't see to deploy my newly built forces there.

For example I built 20 T-10 Tank battalions and they are in my reserves; I click on there name and then select the rally point as the Iran Border; yet they do not move to the Rally Point. I've turned off Minister movement of troops. I would be very grateful for any help because I'm new to the Supremer Ruler series and I really want to enjoy it. Thanks in Advance
Balthagor wrote:Your post does not describe you pressing the "delpoy" button. I assume you are trying that button. It sounds like you have insufficient soldiers (reserve personnel). The count of active/reserve personnel is on the Defense - Reserves department screen.

And yes, there is already a thread on this. Multiple, actually. Please help reduce forum clutter and use the search function before starting a new thread;


Please continue the conversation in that thread if you don't find your answers there.
In addition to Balth's explanation about the basic mechanics of deploying . . .

Not sure if you understand this but . . . troops go into reserve _at_ a specific barracks. If you have a unit or units selected you can use the right-click function to send them into reserve at a specific barracks. Or, if you just tell a unit/units to go to reserve without right-clicking a specific target barracks they will (as far as I know) go to what they 'think' is the closest barracks.

The fact that you have built a barracks by itself does not allow you to deploy troops from your reserves to that barracks. Each unit that is in reserve is in resever _at_ a specific barracks.

ADDIT: also just to clarify, there is a distinction between Land Fabrication facilities and Barracks. Before a Land Fabrication can be built in a hex, a Barracks must be built first. New land units emerge from Land Fabrications, and when you assign build orders you can assign them to specific hexes that have land fabrication facilities. In order to put units that have just been built into a Barracks that did not have a Land Fab facility, you would have to send the units to that Barracks from wherever they were built.
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