South American scenario?

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South American scenario?

Post by Procer »

Hi. I'm new around here. In fact, I was lucky to have learned about this game only 3 days ago. Now I don't have to wait too much for this game! hehe. :D

My question: is there going to be a south american scenario? I haven't found any post about it yet. What would be the storyline in South America? What countries or regions are in play in South America? :o

Anything about it will tease me. South America is probably where I am going to start, if possible. Otherwise I wouldn't mind start with the scandinavian scenario, which looks quite interesting. 8)

Thanks in adavance. :)
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Post by Balthagor »

There is a South American scenario, Brazil is certainly the powerhouse. It can take on almost all other regions combined. It is an eleven player map, each of the original countries with Suriname/Guyana/French Guinea as one player.
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Post by Procer »

Thank you.

Maybe it would have been a good idea to divide Brazil up into south and north, but I guess you already debated about it.

Can't wait for the game. Hopefully I'll find it on gamestop today.
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South America

Post by shaolt2002 »

Has anyone played the world map as South America? I tried last night and after a couple months I was at war with North America.. I was able to push them all the way back to Seattle, Chicago and about North Carolina when my units ran out of fuel and just sat there.

Final kill/loss ratio: 351/214

Against North America I was surprised I killed more than I lost.

Oh, and for the record, I knew North America would devestate me with their defense in Panama area so I scrapped all my facilities near the border and pulled back all of my troops. Why? Well the invasion took place and the AI sent like five units at a time, not like 40.... Also their infantry was way back and so essentially I just held a line as enemy units reached me one at a time and were obliterated. But still it was not enough to attain victory.
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Post by november »

Not to be a scold, but you’re a little OT. S. America in the world scenario is not the same as the S. America scenario itself.

I am currently playing Venezuela and having a lot of fun. The set up is simple: everyone hates Brazil. You begin the game with LOS treaties already established and so this scenario has a lot of diplomatic possibilities. Soon enough most nations are in combination against Brazil. First two countries were at war and now nearly all of them are. I’ve played a little over a year.

One effect of this setup is it allows you to grow and develop unmolested—everyone’s focused on Brazil and Brazil is busy defending itself.
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