SR2020 multyplayer game jully 13

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Re: SR2020 multyplayer game jully 13

Post by number47 »

terrorstorm wrote:Yeah but its no more my connection then there f*cky internet setups. So don't make it sound like i'm the problem....give me 5 mins on there internet and there would be no problem.

*unplugs modem cable from router and plugs it into the internet jack*
I'm sorry if I wasn't clear enough, but I don't think you are the problem, I think your connection is (or to put it correctly your router is since none of this would be a problem if it supported NaT port forwarding). As to there being many different solutions to that problem, I agree, there are quite a few :wink:
No need to get upset 8)
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Re: SR2020 multyplayer game jully 13

Post by Niko465 »

Gijoe(and many others) is unable to connect if Terrorstorm is here.
Not saying anybody is a problem, it's simply what is going on... I don't understand a thing about what is causing this anyway. All these modem and cable crap is chinese for me.
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