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Re: Multi-Player game

Post by darkshadow120 »

Forever? I just forgot, and seeing as you said anyONE, only one person probably showed up. Ill try to be there this time, if you are still doing it.
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Re: Multi-Player game

Post by GIJoe597 »

It is a difficult game to play given the rule set I use, very few people have the patience or maturity for this type of game. Although, there were more than one person that showed on several occasions there as only one that showed every session. The type of game I was trying for requires every player to show up at the appointed time, every week. Really only can work that way.

As far as a static weekly game, yes that if over with. I cannot say forever, but I can say for now at least. :)

That being typed, anyone can post in these forums and host a game at any time. I encourage you all to do that. In fact, TheCyab6a had started what I thought was a very entertaining mp game, I am unsure if it is still going.
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