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Alternative Network

Post by Smurfy »

I was visiting another site where I've been downloading a military simulator called Jcove. They used Hamachi for their multiplayer system but recently, they turned to a program called Tunngle. Each network can hold 255 players apparently, I've just installed it and from what I gather it is very much like Hamachi with a nicer interface, lots of networks etc. The really neat thing I like about it is that you can search for networks so it will work for not only Supreme Ruler, but also other games you all might play. I did play around with Gameranger so I'm guessing you guys will stick with that since it seems to be alright for what you need, but I thought I'd give you the heads up anyway, might be worth looking at.
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Re: Alternative Network

Post by Vuk-Wolf »

Yep better than hamachi.. I have tunngle for like 3 months already or more...
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Re: Alternative Network

Post by LordCrusader8 »

How can you use it?? i created a private sever do you just open it up to Surpeme Ruler 2020 GC??

Done that only popped up to menu not mutiplayer menu
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