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Re: Playing Supreme Ruler 2020 Multiplayer Games

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Yeah, GameRanger told me that I needed to forward ports for it, so I did, the 16000 port(both TCP and UDP) I think, But When I hosted a server, no-one could connect or even find my ip in the list of available games, so I decided to try to play another game on GameRanger to see if any would work (Red Alert 2 just in case its relevant) But I kept on getting reconnection errors, So then I found the ports needed by RA 2 and forwarded them, and it worked like a charm, not even lag, So I tried to look for what ports Supreme Ruler uses in hopes that forwarding those would make it work, but I could not find them any-where, those are what I need, also, port forwarding is the same as bypassing your router.(not trying to be rude)
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