Play Supreme Ruler 2020 online with GameRanger

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Re: Play Supreme Ruler 2020 online with GameRanger

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If you're having difficulties with GameRanger you should contact GameRanger support. I use the program myself and have never had problems with it.
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Re: Play Supreme Ruler 2020 online with GameRanger

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dragons310 wrote:ok, not sure why, but having problems getting gameranger to work properly. I've played using hamachi with no issues however. Every time I try with gameranger tho, doesn't work. if someone else hosts, I get about 5 seconds of black screen then CTD. If I host, the other player gets a CTD. I've tried both with hamachi and with the vpn disabled. what am I doing wrong?

I have to disconnect my router when I use GR. Try connecting directly from modem to the computer.
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Re: Play Supreme Ruler 2020 online with GameRanger

Post by LordCrusader8 »

Scott Kevill wrote:
probyte wrote:GameRanger is just a meeting Point it does not help if you are behind a router !!! It comes not with virtual network bridge like hamachi.

This is still a building site for BG, for multiplayer you need a virtual network bridge.

GameRanger is somthing like Allseeingeye, Gamespy etc. but I can not see any network bridging virtual adapter which is the only way to play Supreme Ruler behind a Router.

Hamachi works but it is painful because of the limitation of the rooms.
As I replied to your other post, you couldn't be more wrong. :)

GameRanger performs its magic without needing a virtual adapter. ASE, GameSpy, etc. do not even come close.
No but GameRanger is a bitch to deal with when Players cannot connect to their games because they don't support Gamersgate or Steam
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