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Re: South Africa AAR

#16 Post by brantman19 » Sep 29 2014

Can't post pictures because I just leave the program running at work and I type out my game on my work internet. I'll see about uploading some later on but no promises. :roll:

Jun 22 2024
This is the date that I made it to yesterday and am beginning today.

Jul 1 2024
Prime Minister French meets with Minister of Defense Zuma and demands that the war with Egypt end so that troops can relax and the plans for other nations move forward. Zuma points out that an attack on the original South African homeland is highly unlikely and that forces from that region can be moved to the front for one large push. Prime Minister French agrees and over 175 units begin to make their way north toward the Egyptian front.

Jul 22 2024
The attack commences as all forces begin pushing forward toward the Egyptian capital.

Jul 31 2024
Israel declares war with South Africa. This was not expected so soon as it was hoped that once Egypt fell, tensions could begin to decrease between South Africa and NATO. It seems as if Israel wants all of Egypt for itself. Prime Minister French will seek a diplomatic fix to this before continuing with an attack plan.
Niger also declares war on South Africa. We will let other nations deal with them for now.

Aug 3 2024
The entire Egyptian offensive is beaten back at the capital due to overwhelming artillery. It is determined that a flank attack up the Suez canal stands the best chance to achieve a breakthrough. Once the forces are repaired, they will be sent up the canal and will hold back any Israeli or Egyptian counterattacks until a bigger force can smash the Nile Delta region and the artillery located there.

Sep 19 2024
Cote d'Ivoire falls to Ghana.

Oct 4 2024
This is where I am going to end it for today. I think I am going to just let the military run itself from here on out. I keep making huge attacks on the capital and I just can't muster enough to take it out. The AA is too many and powerful to use air assets and the artillery is really pounding my ground forces. I believe waiting until maybe the new year is best and my military can go crazy and path anywhere else they please in the meantime.

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Re: South Africa AAR

#17 Post by brantman19 » Sep 30 2014

Just some house cleaning: I will try to post pictures at the end of each work week for myself since that is where the most change will be seen from here on out. This should start either Thursday or Friday afternoon. It will still be rather sporadic though because I just don't remember to take pictures. I have been debating to continue on with this series too just because I am getting tired of it. I will make a posting of when I want to stop. Now on with the show.

Oct 20 2024
Research Minister Sonjica reported that all Operation Cleanse teams are on schedule. Unfortunately, the infected water in the lakes and rivers is still nearly 2 years out from being drinkable again. Prime Minister French appreciated the honesty of the minister and asked that new water treatment methods enter research to see if that may speed the process. Sonjica also surprised the Prime Minister by reporting that early research has begun on a new laser weaponry system that has the power to destroy a missile from space. It looks like the Space Agency might be able to begin constructing and launching these platforms by 2026. The African Space Agency claims that if research and testing of the new laser program is successful, they could have a full net up by 2029 and cover 100% of the globe by 2030. French shows his happiness and asks that it get done.

Oct 28 2024
Austria falls to Italy.

Nov 8 2024
A quick thinking revision of the plans to take out Egypt proves to be successful as units take the western Egyptian city of Marsa Matruh. They will stage here until supply is adequate and then push east to take out the Nile Delta.

Nov 21 2024
The crucial port and military complex at Al Iskandariyah and the surrounding areas has fallen to South African forces. All Egyptian cities west of the Nile Delta are in South African control.

Dec 15 2024
The North Delta region falls to South Africa. The mop up will continue east to the Suez.

Jan 20 2025
The western portion of the Nile Delta falls. We are now massing for an attack on the capital region.

Jan 30 2025
Guinea-Bissau falls to Senegal.

Feb 1 2025
Turkmenistan falls to Iran.

Feb 15 2025
This is where I will end it for the day. Egypt is down to 4 cities around the capital but that is all they have. We are focusing now on building more units to steamroll into the capital and end this quick. Unfortunately we are a bit away from that. I think I will spend most of tomorrow rebuilding those units.

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Re: South Africa AAR

#18 Post by brantman19 » Oct 01 2014

Mar 15 2025
Prime Minister French orders all units that are not AA or Artillery to the Egyptian capital perimeter. 5 AA and 10 Artillery are pulled into the attack.

Mar 31 2025
The attack commences.

Apr 4 2025
On Prime Minister French's birthday, South African forces march into the Egyptian capital of Al Qahirah. Egypt moves its capital to its last remaining city of Shubra Al Khaymah.

Apr 6 2025
Egypt falls as South Africa takes the Egyptian capital.

Apr 10 2025
Prime Minister French decides to eliminate all army units in an attempt to rebuild a more advanced military. Garrisons are expected to hold back enemies and the air force should be able to support. (I know this move isn't really liked by the community but I hate having to micromanage military production and I hate having a large amount of AA and Artillery without a large number of moving military so I am managing this here)

Apr 12 2025
Kenya declares war on South Africa. Garrisons will hold for the time being until air assets and military production is able to begin operations.

Jun 7 2025
South Africa has produced 60 new units but I have to end here for today. I don't think I will be back on the game until Monday so enjoy whats up so far. I will try to grab some screenshots soon.

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