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Re: Random AAR - Divided Planet

#16 Post by Dr.Genius » Apr 09 2014

Aug 16
I prepare to launch Operation Bamako II by sending some more units to Kayes army base.

Aug 20
We have taken Bamako military hq. We now prepare to take the capital. also North Korea was eliminated

Aug 21
I have decided to regroup at Kayes to attempt Operation Take Mali's Capital.
Since we took they're land fabrication they cannot build any more units. making them more vulnerable.

Aug 24
we failed to take Bamako however we managed to destroy they're only land unit near the city, now all they have to defend they're capital are garrisons

Guinea has declared war on us!
Time to take them out, i hope.

Aug 25
Guinea has made massive advances into our land, I fear we will not be able to stop them.

Aug 27
We have reconquered all the land, and have trapped 2 Engineers on our land, we will now eliminate them.

Aug 28
Guinea has made me mad, they should not make ME mad.

I have taken Boke and Labe, soon we will take Fria and Conarky they're capital.

Sep 2
I am now launching a massive assault on the capital, it will not stand.
Surrender or die!

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Re: Random AAR - Divided Planet

#17 Post by notus » Apr 10 2014

Dr.Genius wrote:It's a pain to have to upload each photo to photobucket though.
You should use imgur.com, it only takes you to drag the picture to the site

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