Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

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Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#1 Post by jks_AsPac » May 07 2012

Hello everyone! New guy in the forums but I have been playing Supreme Ruler 2020 for quite some time now. Really liked the in-depth style of gameplay. Once I learned about this forums and reading some of the AARs, I came to join in so that I could tell my own story. I am quite a fast-paced gamer so expect months to fly-by in-game within a day or two. I hope you will all be to able to follow. This is my first AAR so please bear with me if it sounds a little too, shall we say, newbie-ish.

So to start up, I will be playing as the Philippines. It is a 7,107 island archipelago in South-east Asia, southeast of China, south of Taiwan, east of Vietnam, northeast of Malaysia and Indonesia. (Why I will use this country? Because it's my home :-) )

Military Difficulty: Hard
Economic Difficulty: Easy
Diplomatic Difficulty: Easy
Debt: None (I've heard that this helps the AI a lot, either way it's not really a biggie for me whenever I play)
Allied Victories: On
Fixed Capitals: Off
Hot Relations: Medium

Default, except the Nuclear Weapon Penalties is set to High to make it feel more realistic.

Default, except the Initial Funds is set to high since I've heard that this helps the AI too and the Random Events is set to High.

World Volatility: Medium

I will start the intro to the story in my next post. I hope to finish the first year by tomorrow. Stay tuned and Welcome to the Pearl of the Orient!
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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#2 Post by Ruges » May 07 2012

We have not seen a Philippines AAR yet so will be interesting to see where this goes.

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#3 Post by jks_AsPac » May 07 2012

"We are not makers of history. We are made by history." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Background: (Sorry if it is quite long but I needed to give a background on why I will be doing this and that and since I'm betting not many here know much about the Philippines)
The Republic of the Philippines, an archipelago made up of 7,107 islands is a unitary presidential constitutional republic. It became a Spanish colony in 1565, it stayed under the Spanish crown for 333 years when through the efforts of patriotic men like Jose Rizal, Emilio Aguinaldo and Andres Bonifacio, it declared independence on June 12, 1898. However, due to the Spanish-American War, and the defeat of Spain in said war, a new colonizer arrived, the United States of America.

Under American rule, the Philippines entered into a state of social, economic and cultural reform, but still in search of self-governance, American leaders slowly granted independence to the Philippines, switching from an insular government headed by Americans to a commonwealth whose leaders are comprised of mainly Filipinos. The independence date was set to July 4, 1946 by the Tydings-McDuffie Act, however, a surprise attack on Pearl Harbor on the 7th of December, 1941, the entry of the US into World War II and the attacks on Clark Air Base and following invasions by Japanese forces in 1941 nearly ended the dream of independence for the Philippines. The fall of Bataan in 1942 marked the end of the commonwealth and its leaders were evacuated to Australia then to the United States. The Japanese established the Second Republic but it was a puppet government under the control of Japan. 2 years had passed when the US launched an attack on Leyte island under the command General Douglas MacArthur. Within a year, the Philippine-American troops managed to recapture the rest of the Philippines.

As stated in the Tydings-McDuffie Act, the United States would grant full independence to the Philippine Islands on July 4, 1946 and the first president of the Third Republic, Manuel Roxas would be elected in April 1946. Sweeping economic and social reforms, the rebuilding the nation, the slow removal of dependence on the American economy, came into the agenda of the next few administrations. Roxas died of a heart attack in April 1948, Elpidio Quirino would take over as the president then be elected in 1949. Former Secretary of Defense Ramon Magsaysay would hold the reins of the nation from 1953-1957 until his death in an airplane crash on March of 1957. Carlos P. Garcia would be elected as
president from 1957-1961, however due to corruption cases, his popularity fell and Diosdado Macapagal would be elected as president from 1961-1965. Ferdinand Marcos is elected president in 1965 and be re-elected in 1969. He started large-scale reforms and economic projects bent on improving even further the economic state of the Philippines. During this time, the Philippines became the second largest economy in Asia, just behind Japan.

However, due to rising civil unrest and disobedience and a barred third term, Marcos declares martial law on September 23, 1972. A new Constitution was also made in 1973 changing the political system from a presidential to that of a parliamentary system. First it was well received due to the social turmoil the Philippines was experiencing. The economy boomed and there was a decrease in crime and civil disobedience. Appeasing the Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, Marcos lifted the martial law on January 17, 1981 but continued corruption, civil unrest and nepotism contributed to serious economic decline. In 1981, Marcos won in a presidential electionand continued for another 6-year term. Opposition leader, Benigno Aquino, Jr., who was in America at the time, decided to return to the Philippines to confront Marcos. As he stepped down unto the tarmac in Manila, he was assassinated, sparking a chain of events which would shape the modern Philippine society for years to come.

A snap election was called for by Marcos in February 1986 due to dissatisfaction among the people and international requests. He went against the widow of Aquino, Corazon "Cory" Aquino who was now supported by all the opposition parties. The Commission on Elections, declared Marcos the winner but in a research conducted by Namfrel, an accredited poll watcher, there was huge discrepancy found. The opposition, the people as well as international observers, denounced the official results which would lead to the peaceful, bloodless, civilian-military uprising now called the People Power Revolution of 1986. Cory Aquino would be installed as president on February 25, 1986 as Marcos stepped down and fled to Hawaii.

Cory Aquino's administration started many reforms in political and economic systems as well as the creation of a new Constitution in 1987. However, many coup attempts made by loyal Marcos forces as well as natural disasters plagued the administration. In 1992, under the support of Aquino, Fidel Ramos would win the elections and would start many political reforms ranging from the legalization of the Communist Party of the Philippines and a peace treaty with the Moro National Liberation Front, a Muslim coalition with its goals of setting a separate Muslim country in the southern Philippines, ending nearly 24 years of struggle. The 1998 elections would see Joseph Estrada installed as president but due to many corruption cases regarding the payoffs from illegal gambling businesses and the breakdown of an impeachment from the Congress would force another civilian uprising and the stepping down of Estrada as president on January 20, 2001.

The Vice-President of Estrada, Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, would be installed as president in 2001. Military mutinies and corruption cases would plague the administration but Arroyo would go on to win the 2004 presidential elections. In 2010, Benigno Aquino III, son of the late Benigno Aquino, Jr. would win the presidential elections and be president from 2010 to 2016. By this time, the Philippines has fallen behind its economic competitors in Asia including China, Japan, South Korea, Singapore and Thailand.

Benigno Aquino, Jr. would not run for a second term in 2016. Angelo Roberto J. Pimentel would win the 2016 presidential elections for a six year term from 2016-2020. Pimentel would change the presidential term from a six to a four year term. He would be re-elected in 2020 until 2024.


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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#4 Post by jks_AsPac » May 07 2012

JANUARY 2020: New Year of Uncertainty

"For all of its uncertainty, we cannot flee the future." - Barbara Jordan



Prior to 2020, the Philippines was under constant bullying from its much larger neighbor, China, over the Spratly Islands and Scarborough Shoal dispute, along with Vietnam, Taiwan, Brunei and Malaysia. In recent years, China has reasserted its military strength as its navy and air force continue to make frequent patrols of the entire area. Not only this but Chinese fishermen continue to make their living in these islands and with the support of the Chinese Navy, they enter and leave the other claimant nations' areas almost unhindered.


An ASEAN meeting in July 6, 2017, hopefully to stop this constant intimidation from China, broke down after Brunei and Vietnam walked out due to the seemingly pro-Malaysian and Philippine solution set forth by the other ASEAN members. After this on December 13, 2017, Vietnam left the ASEAN, in pursuit of its own solution to the problem in the South China Sea/West Philippine Sea/East Sea. 10 days later, Brunei followed and then Myanmar half a month later. Soon, an emergency meeting in Jakarta was set-up by the remaining members. However, increased tension from the former members, forced many of the remaining members to suggest a break up of the ASEAN. A vote was cast but the decision was to remain the ASEAN. A list of reforms were made to the solution of the dispute to turn it more neutral and an invitation was sent out to the members that left, but on March 23, 2018, Malaysia, Laos and Cambodia left. Two months later ASEAN was dissolved and the nations in Southeast Asia became divided once more.


NATO, EU and the UN denounced the breakdown of diplomacy among the ASEAN members, but China saw this as an opportunity to isolate its members and so on October 2018 it launched an entire fleet to enter the disputed areas and laid claim to it by planting Chinese flags on many of the small atolls and islands. This caused international condemnation against China. Later that year, Vietnam, the Philippines, Malaysia and Taiwan sent their own navies and confronted the Chinese vessels.

By 2019, the tension had somewhat eased but rumors of mobilizations among the nations in the area was spreading like wildfire across the international community. It seems war was near.

January 1, 2020

President Pimentel is re-elected as the 16th President of the Philippines. He immediately signs a $3 billion (P130 billion) investment to the creation of roads, ports, research areas and production facilities across the nation. He hopes that the Philippines would be self-sufficient in all its needs by 2022.

The Philippines and Indonesia enter into a full alliance treaty.


January 2

Brazil declares war on Venezuela

January 3

South Africa declares war on Mozambique

January 4

South Korea declares war on North Korea

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Santos, in a statement, says that the Philippines will not enter into a war with North Korea despite existing treaties that the Philippines will come the aid of South Korea when the nation needs it. It is well short of a full alliance and so Santos says that the Philippines will only supply goods to South Korea. Also, he said, it was South Korea that provoked the war therefore it is not within the terms of any treaties that they should declare war outright.

January 5

South Africa dow's Namibia
United States dow's Cuba
Iran dow's Turkey

No comment from the palace about the latest declarations of war.

January 9

China dow's South Korea

President Pimentel does not comment on the declaration of war by China on South Korea

January 10

China dow's Nepal
India dow's Afghanistan

January 12

China dow's Mongolia

No comment from the president about this latest information but DEFCON has been raised to 4

January 17

South Africa dow's Botswana
Pakistan dow's India

January 18

Angola dow's Mali

January 21

North Korea dow's Taiwan

President Pimentel announced this day that the Philippines will now embargo goods against North Korea for its attacks. However, when asked if a possible declaration of war will be made, the president had this to say, "So far, Taiwan and South Korea are receiving all the aid they can get from us. However, a declaration of war is not necessary unless we ourselves are provoked. Again, a DOW is not necessary unless the Republic of the Philippines is provoked." According to a military and political specialist, the Philippines should prepare for war, because one way or the other, treaties and alliances will be activated and then we have no other choice but join in. "War is terrible but sometimes its a necessary evil for the greater good," as said by the specialist.

January 22

Iran dow's Israel

Botswana is conquered by South Africa. The presidential spokesperson announced today that the Philippines will also embargo all goods heading into South Africa, after it conquered the African nation of Botswana. The Department of Foreign Affairs is also looking into repatriating its Overseas Filipino Workers and closing down its embassy in Pretoria. There was no comment however on the declaration of war against Israel by Iran.



January 23

North Korea dow's Japan

No comment from the president or any of his advisers but a rumor is spreading that Congress is looking into a possible war with North Korea if it continues its violent acts.

January 25

Iran dow's Iraq

January 29

Pakistan dow's Iran

January 30

Angola dow's the Democratic Republic of the Congo

January 31

Brazil dow's Argentina

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#5 Post by GIJoe597 » May 07 2012

Interesting idea about the spratley's :) ... 54&t=19850

I will need to get my update in now :)

Also, Kamusta! I look forward to reading this.

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#6 Post by Tnarg » May 07 2012

Good to have you here. This will be an interesting one to follow. I am a sucker for maps. :-)

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#7 Post by jks_AsPac » May 07 2012

GIJoe597 wrote:Interesting idea about the spratley's :) ... 54&t=19850

I will need to get my update in now :)

Also, Kamusta! I look forward to reading this.

Thanks GIJoe! I've been following your post about the US and China and that spratlys issue. Hope to see some more updates soon! :D

Also, are you Filipino? Just wondering. :wink:
Tnarg wrote:Good to have you here. This will be an interesting one to follow. I am a sucker for maps. :-)
Haha, I've always been shall we say a geography and history buff. I pretty much remember where each country is or was. (Still memorizing the central part of Africa though) And I'm fascinated by history, I think by learning history we can make the future a little bit better.

Thanks everyone for your warm welcomes! I hope to post February and March today :D Stay tuned!

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#8 Post by jks_AsPac » May 07 2012

FEBRUARY 2020: Wars and Rumors of Wars

"An unjust peace is better than a just war." - Marcus Tullius Cicero

February 1

Russia dow's Georgia

February 2

Iran dow's Kuwait
Poland dow's Belarus

February 3


Nepal is conquered by China. There is a partial media blackout being put forth by the Pimentel administration, however rumors are circulating that a possible declaration of war is imminent but against which country is still unknown although the likely targets are either North Korea or China after it conquered Nepal.

February 5

Israel dow's Syria

February 6

China continues its rampage across Asia. It has now recently conquered Mongolia, not more than 3 days after conquering Nepal. Political specialists in the country are calling it "The Rebirth of the Chinese Empire".



February 8

Russia is also into conquering countries. It has now conquered Georgia, so far the UN has put forth sanctions against both China and Russia as well as South Africa but so far it seems all of these are fruitless.



February 11

China dow's Papua New Guinea

Still no word from the president, the Palace or the Congress. But it seems clear that a declaration will soon be made.

February 12

Russia dow's Turkey

February 13

Egypt dow's Israel

February 15

Another country falls today as South Africa enters the capital of Namibia, Windhoek. After a month of struggling against repeated attacks by South Africa, Namibia falls and its central government flees. The presidential spokesperson announces that a possible installation of more sanctions and the severing of all diplomatic ties with South Africa through the closing of embassies is being discussed with the UN and an announcement will be made soon. However, he had no comment on the NoKor-China issue and immediately left the podium.



February 16

South Africa dow's Zambia

February 18

The President announced today in a press briefing that the Congress has seen a declaration of war as "...something the country is not ready for," therefore there would be no DOW against any nation but an embargo of goods will be done against all the aggressor nations which include, South Africa, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China. However, as an extra step, the army has positioned several artillery brigades to Luzon and the navy has sent its ships to Scarborough Shoal and the West Philippine Sea to protect against any possible attack from China or NoKor. Other than that, that is the farthest the country will go and the president said that this was "...provocative enough," and any step further would plunge the country into chaos and war.

February 19

Israel dow's Lebanon
Russia dow's Poland

February 24

India dow's Bangladesh
Angola dow's Swaziland

February 25

A Chinese frigate was found approximately 300 kilometers south of Scarborough Shoal and 300 kilometers west of Manila.


February 27

Another Chinese frigate was found sitting only 100 km from Laoag.


February 29

An Aermacchi S-211 is sent to recon the immediate area around Scarborough Shoal. It finds no other Chinese ship aside from those already seen but there are 2 Taiwanese ships north of the Chinese ship near Laoag.


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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#9 Post by jks_AsPac » May 07 2012

MARCH 2020: A Reason

March 1

China dow's India

March 3

South Africa dow's Angola

In a press statement today, General of the Armed Forces, Alberto San Juan, said that after the sighting of 2 Chinese and 2 Taiwanese ships near the coasts of the Philippines, he has sent a modified N-22B Nomad recon plane to the West Philippine Sea to scout for other possible Chinese or Taiwanese ships. He said that by tomorrow he would have information about the whereabouts of foreign ships in the area and will announce it to the public after a meeting with the president.

March 5

South Korea dow's Kasakhstan

General Alberto San Juan announced today in a press briefing that they have spotted a small Chinese fleet northwest of the shoal. It primarily made up of about 7-8 Type-037 class submarine chasers (also known as the Hainan-class). Also, as the modified Nomad headed back to its base in Angeles, it spotted another Chinese frigate, immediately southwest of the first one found near Manila. A Taiwanese La Fayette-class frigate was also found immediately south of the small Chinese fleet and about 500-600 km west of the shoal.

To this effect, General San Juan said that he has sent a Cannon-class frigate named the BRP Datu Sikatuna to the area where the Chinese frigates were found west of Manila, while smaller ships were sent to intercept the small Chinese fleet northwest of the shoal as well as west of Laoag. So far, there are no threats to the livelihood of Filipino fishermen but he has urged them to be very cautious. So far, tensions are rising as wars plague the world and any wrong step can spell war, especially in this side of the world.


March 6

Iran dow's Oman

March 8

Israel is conquered by the combined forces of the Egyptians and Syrians. The small Jewish state, after existing and pushing back the Arab forces for nearly 70 years, has fallen after the Syrians attacked their north and the Egyptians attacked the south. President Pimentel could not be reached for a comment but many sympathizers to the small Jewish nation condemn the attacks and are protesting in front of the Egyptian and Syrian embassies in Manila.



March 12

Afghanistan is conquered by India.



March 13

China dow's Japan

Poland has been conquered by Russia. Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Santos, said today that the President condemns such expansionist moves by Russia and calls it the rebirth of a Communist era. According to Santos, the President would be flying to Singapore to discuss a possible full alliance with the small nation-state and to discuss issues that are of 'grave concern' to both countries. The President should return on the 17th once talks end with the former ASEAN member.


March 14

Russia dow's South Korea
Australia dow's China
Singapore dow's China
East Timor dow's China
Laos dow's China
Thailand dow's China
Taiwan dow's China
North Korea dow's Thailand

Presidential Spokesperson Edwin Santos, announced today in an emergency press briefing that the recent declarations of war against China will not affect the stance of the Philippines that "no provocation, no war". However, an emergency meeting with the Armed Forces Generals and the Secretary of Defense will be done as soon as the President touches down on the 16th. Santos explained that the President and his counterpart in Singapore have cut short the meetings in light of the recent developments especially since Singapore has also declared war against China. No other announcements or comments were made and Santos asked us to wait for further information from the President himself on the 16th. He has also asked all Filipinos around the world to pray for peace on earth and the wisdom for all the world leaders to see that war is not the answer.

March 15

Russia dow's Germany

March 16

Germany dow's Belarus

Before the press briefing today by the President, a military/political specialist was interviewed to give his own opinion on the recent developments. Will the Philippines be engulfed in the war that is sure to consume many of the world's countries? This is the exact transcript of that interview: (S for specialist, I for interviewer)

S: "Yes. Sooner or later we will be. It's not a question of 'if' but 'when' the decision will be made. We cannot use diplomacy anymore in solving this dispute. We should join the alliances that are being crafted behind the scenes."
I: "Alliances? You mean the recent declarations of war are all built up on these?"
S: "Yes and no. Yes because once one nation in the alliance is dragged into war, then the rest are dragged in as well. No because there is something else that I've been trying to piece together for quite some time now. We are heading into a new much hotter Cold War."
I: "You mean a Communist-Democratic showdown?"
S: "Not only that but radical Islam as well, siding with the Communists. Did you see the latest developments with Iran? It is this "brave" at waging war against its neighbors because it is being supported by someone."
I: "Who?"
S: "Russia and China, no doubt. Iran has been going to them for military equipment and other stuff ever since the Khomeini declared the eradication of Israel, the "Little Satan", and the US, the "Big Satan". I just don't know why they are waging war with their Arabic neighbors. With Israel gone though, I think all the American bases in the Middle East are in danger."
I: "Well of course there must be other alliances out there. Can you tell us the details?"
S: "Hmm... wait, I've got it right here. There. I've written down the alliances that we've been hearing in the news. I've nicknamed them to differentiate the alliances. I shall say them one by one, better bring out a pen and paper."

(These are all the alliances made so far in my game)
North Korea

East Timor
Papua New Guinea
South Korea

United States
United Kingdom
Japan (also part of Asia-Pacific Coalition)
South Korea (also part of the Asia-Pacific Coalition)

S: "So that's that."
I: "Okay. Thank you for this information. Before we head into a break. Do you think we are heading into another world war?"
S: "Absolutely. Only this time the Axis side or the Communist-Radical side is beating the western countries one by one rather than taking them all at once. So far with America still quiet, most of these countries must fend for themselves."
I: "Okay, do you have any last words?"
S: "Uhmm... actually I do. This is addressed to the current President. Make no mistake. We are heading into World War III. We must join these alliances or face being annihilated alone."
I: "Okay. Thank you for your time, sir. We are off to a break, next comes the President's briefing"

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#10 Post by jks_AsPac » May 08 2012

March 16 - 6:30pm Philippine Time
Manila, Philippines - Malacanang Palace

"Ladies and gentlemen. The President of the Republic of the Philippines, Angelo Roberto Pimentel."

"Thank you, please sit down. Good evening to everyone. In light of the recent developments in our region and across the globe, I have just met with our generals in the Armed Forces and the Secretary of Defense to discuss a plan in the event that the Philippines indeed has to go to war. So far, we are producing military goods at a very rapid rate so that we are prepared when the time comes. The entire AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines) is under a state of high alert as well as all police and paramilitary organizations across the country. Our overseas workers are being repatriated to protect them from possible harm in the event that the country they are working in will declare war against us. We are also pre-positioning several infantry and artillery brigades located in the Visayas and Mindanao to Luzon. Half of our naval fleet, so I am told, is already out at sea and patrolling our western and northern coasts. All Filipino fishermen in the West Philippine Sea are asked to stay within the territorial boundaries of the Philippines and not venture out to Scarborough or the Spratly Islands. Once they do, we are not sure if we can protect them from harm against any intruders. As you may know, I have also come from Singapore and they have agreed to a full alliance with us. We are currently contacting Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan and South Korea to discuss a full alliance with them as well. Tomorrow I will be in high level talks with the Australian Prime Minister to discuss the possible admittance of the Philippines into their coalition here in the Asia-Pacific. So far, no word has come of a formal alliance and mutual defense treaty from our longtime friend and ally, the United States but we hope to hear from them soon.

I know many of our countrymen are scared of what will happen in the next month, next week or even in the next 24 to 48 hours. But please rest assured that my administration will do everything in its power to safeguard our waters and not put the Philippines in a position which will harm or even remove its status as a self-governing and independent nation. We do not want another colonizer. So, I ask all Filipinos to band together against these hard times. Let us unite as one nation and stand against those who would oppress us. Hopefully we will all get out of these terrible times in one piece. I ask all to please pray for the safety of the nation, the safety of all its people even those abroad and peace here on earth. Thank you once again and good evening."

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#11 Post by GIJoe597 » May 08 2012

Good stuff.


No I am not Pinoy, but have spent many years there, even took Tagalog classes at one time. Too many years ago for me to admit :) I will visit again one day. Especially Baguio!

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#12 Post by jks_AsPac » May 08 2012

GIJoe597 wrote:Good stuff.


No I am not Pinoy, but have spent many years there, even took Tagalog classes at one time. Too many years ago for me to admit :) I will visit again one day. Especially Baguio!

Haha go ahead. :)

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#13 Post by jks_AsPac » May 09 2012

"I have never advocated war except as a means of peace." - Ulysses S. Grant

March 16 - 10:30pm Philippine Time

North Korea declares war on Singapore

Today, North Korea declares war on Singapore, a member of the so-called Asia-Pacific Coalition, and an ally of the Philippines. Due to this, Singapore has invoked the mutual defense treaty signed no more than 48 hours ago. An emergency meeting has been called in Congress, to decide on whether the Philippines will honor such an agreement. We will be back with further updates.

March 17 - 12:05am Philippine Time

In a press statement tonight, the Senate President and House of Representatives Speaker, jointly announced to the world and the nation, "This day, 17th of March, Year of Our Lord 2020, the Fifth Republic of the Philippines declares a state of all-out war against the Democratic People's Republic of Korea due to its provocative acts against the peace and stability in East Asia and its declaration of war against the Republic of Singapore with whom we have a mutual defense treaty. Signed by all members of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Approved by Angelo Roberto Pimentel, 16th President of the Republic of the Philippines."

The Philippines, having prolonged its stance as a peaceful, non-aggressive, "no provocation, no war" nation has finally declared war after almost 75 years since the Commonwealth declared war on the Empire of Japan. DEFCON has been raised to 1 and all military leaves have been cancelled and most of the naval fleet was ordered out to sea to protect Philippine interests especially in the northern areas. The President has declined to comment and is now in a closed door meeting with all Armed Forces commanders, the Secretary of National Defense and the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

March 17 - Later that day

Myanmar dow's Laos

March 18 - 6:40pm Philippine Time
Manila, Philippines - Malacanang Palace
Emergency Meeting

P for President Pimentel
GAFP for Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of the Philippines
GA for Commanding General of the Army
GAF for Commanding General of the Air Force
GN for Officer-in-Command of the Navy
SND for Secretary of National Defense
SFA for Secretary of Foreign Affairs

P: Good evening to everyone! Please sit down and let's discuss this as quickly as we can. Okay, Alberto please proceed.

GAFP: Thank you sir. So far, after our declaration of war yesterday, there has been no reports of North Korean ships entering our territorial waters, nor has there been any reports from our allies in the region which suggest that NoKor is heading for us. I am thinking that they are still "busy" with South Korea since they are still in a battle with them at the 39th parallel. Now, as you requested Mr. President, the generals and I have built up 3 plans at attacking NoKor. As you may know our military is not suited for this so all of these plans will not begin until we are ready.

P: And when is that?

GAFP: Our best estimates suggest we may need 5-6 months of production until we can launch a full-scale attack against the NoKor.

P: That is not good enough. By then its either NoKor has already attacked us or, God forbid, Russia or China have already declared war and attacked us.

GAFP: Yes sir we know that but given the current situ...

P: General I am giving you only 3-4 months to be able to launch at least a small-scale attack against NoKor. From my own calculations we only need to conquer Pyongyang and the country is sure to fall, correct?

GAFP: Not surely but 50-50. If the government manages to flee the capital before we enter it then it's not yet done.

P: Well, let's get Pyongyang first then discuss where we will proceed from there. First, I want to make sure that the threat is neutralized and that there would be no danger to our territorial waters. Please go ahead, General. Let us see the plans.

GAFP: Right away sir. We have discussed 3 possible plans. Plan A is a Land Invasion. It is the best we managed to think of and the least, shall we say, dangerous and risky. It has certain prerequisites, mostly diplomatically. First, we must get South Korea to sign a full alliance with us so that we can stage a land invasion through their ports. I will let the other generals discuss this.

P: Okay...

GN: Good evening sirs. The plan is, using naval transports we will bring in the light armored division of the Army to the port of Mokpo at the southwestern tip of the peninsula. While using much smaller transports, other divisions will be sent in at the port of Pusan or Busan. Then, the Air Force will fly in Infantry Divisions through the airfield near Mokpo. Some Philippine Navy frigates and corvettes will defend the transports and will be positioned west of Incheon. We will do our best to keep the element of surprise and any NoKor ship or aircraft will immediately be shot down to prevent them from learning of our planned invasion.


P: Then?

GA: Uhm... let me continue that sir. Then the Army's Infantry Divisions will move into position near Seoul. After all of this is complete, the 1st Infantry Division will move into the airfield at Kaesong, securing an area where our Air Force can base themselves and provide air cover for our advancing soldiers. Then the 1st will move onward to the ports west of Kaesong while the 2nd Division will capture the military installation at Koksan-up. Then both will meet up at a small town south of Pyongyang while the 3rd Division will move up the eastern coast and capture the city of Wonsan and will continue to hold this position until Pyongyang is captured. Then the combined 1st and 2nd Division will move and attack the capital city of Pyongyang and hold it until further reinforcements will arrive. If the government hasn't fallen by then, we will continue to hold this line until we can launch a secondary attack. The entire plan will hopefully take only a month or less.


P: Hmmm... what if the attack is stopped? What then?

GAFP: Sir, our forces will hold the line instead of continuing the attack and, unfortunately, then we will have to think of a grind out battle against the NoKorean forces.

P: A battle of attrition, you mean?

GAFP: Yes, we must keep our losses down while continuing to batter the forces of NoKor. Anyway, we have the upper hand since supplies are readily available through the supply lines into South Korea.

P: Hmmm... okay, but are you also looking at a possible Russian or Chinese entrance into this war?

GAFP: Yes sir. If Russia will enter it, we will keep our forces near the South Korean border and grind out their offensives until we can launch another attack. But the generals and I have decided that should Russia enter the war, we will stop the NoKor offensive because we will not be able to handle an all-out assault by this huge nation. However, we will continue to hold whatever we have taken and just make small advances until we can gather up men and materials.

P: What about China?

GAFP: We have a plan for that sir but that would be the 3rd one. The General of the Navy will discuss to us Plan B, a Naval Invasion.

GN: Okay, sir. It is fairly straight-forward. If South Korea will not agree to an alliance, then we will have to plan a naval assault of NoKor. As you can see, we will land south of Pyongyang then lay siege to the base west of Kaesong. Then Army Divisions will continue its assault on the town south of Pyongyang. The Army will hold this town until the bases at Kaesong and Koksan-up can be captured, then an all-out assault on Pyongyang will be made. All this time, the Navy will be positioned southwest of Pyongyang to support the advances then it will move northwards once Pyongyang is captured. More reinforcements will also arrive once Pyongyang is captured. This entire plan will only take a month as well.


P: This is dangerous, what if the naval transports are destroyed and our army with them?

GN: That is why, sir, we will be positioning naval assets southwest of Pyongyang to block any attempts by NoKor to attack us.

P: Hmmm... I don't like this plan.

GN: This will only happen sir if the SoKor talks will break down. But otherwise, yes this will be difficult.

P: What about Plan C?

GAFP: I will take that sir. Plan C will be done if, and only if, China will join in the war. If it declares war against us, we will have no other choice but to fall back and defend our shores because China will surely launch a naval and air assault against us. And with China's vast army and resources, we will need all the defenses we can get.


P: Hmmm... okay. Thank you. Now, the Secretary of Foreign Affairs will immediately contact the South Koreans. Your homework will be to be able to start any of these plans within 3-4 months. Understood?

GAFP: Yes sir. We'll do our best.

P: Good.

March 20

North Korea dow's East Timor

March 21

Japan dow's Kazakhstan

March 22

Turkey dow's Bulgaria

March 23

Turkey dow's Syria
Bangladesh dow's Myanmar
Myanmar dow's South Korea
Singapore dow's Myanmar

Iraq is conquered by Iran.



March 24

Russia dow's Australia, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Laos, Thailand, Japan, Taiwan, India
Thailand dow's Myanmar
Russia declares war on Singapore

Another country has declared war on Singapore. The Senate President and Speaker of the House announced in a press conference that due once again to the mutual defense treaty set forth 8 days ago, the Republic of the Philippines will declare war against the Russian Federation. It was signed by a majority of the Congress and approved by President Angelo Pimentel.

March 25

Ethiopia dow's Angola
Mozambique dow's Angola
India dow's Myanmar

The Philippines and Germany sign a formal alliance and mutual defense treaty.

March 26

Saudi Arabia dow's Iran

Thailand and the Philippines sign a formal alliance and mutual defense treaty.

March 28

Brazil dow's Colombia

Taiwan and the Philippines sign a formal alliance and mutual defense treaty. President Pimentel also announced that the application of the Philippines to join the new Asia-Pacific Defense Organization is being reviewed and according to many sources, the group is positively looking at admitting the country as part of this alliance. More will be announced once news reaches the Palace.

March 29

United States dow's Mexico
Serbia dow's Hungary

South Korea and Australia sign a formal alliance and mutual defense treaty with the Philippines. President Pimentel is ecstatic to learn of this news and announced today in a press briefing that the Philippines has joined the Asia-Pacific Defense Organization or APDO. He said that invitations from its different members for an alliance is now being received by the Department of Foreign Affairs. He said that once more alliances are made, he will personally make sure that the public will hear of it.

March 30

Japan dow's Myanmar

Japan and East Timor sign a formal alliance and mutual defense treaty with the Philippines.

Kuwait has been conquered by Iran as the Persian nation continues its expansion into the Middle East.

March 31

Brazil dow's Peru
Kazakhstan and Myanmar declares war against the Philippines

The President, in an emergency press briefing, confirmed the terrible news that 2 other nations have declared war against the Philippines. He says that it is connected to the recent declarations of war against North Korea and Russia, as well as the admittance of the Philippines into the Asia-Pacific Defense Organization.

Currently, the President has attended another closed-door meeting with his generals and chief of staff.

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#14 Post by GIJoe597 » May 09 2012

Good detail. If you go with plan B be very wary of ChiCom subs off the coast of the Koreas, especially from Kaesong all the way back to the Chinese border.

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Re: Pearl of the Orient (Ruges 4.36)

#15 Post by jks_AsPac » May 10 2012

GIJoe597 wrote:Good detail. If you go with plan B be very wary of ChiCom subs off the coast of the Koreas, especially from Kaesong all the way back to the Chinese border.
Okay, thanks for the heads up GIJoe! Although from the looks of things I may have to go with Plan C. With Myanmar and Kazakhstan against me, its only a matter of time for the Chinese to declare war against me as well, many of the Neo-Warsaw Pact members (stated above) already have 80-100% casus belli against me, if China does declare war before I make a move then I must look closer to home and position my forces in the northern parts of the country. I just hope that the West Philippine Sea/South China Sea would be a natural barrier giving me enough time to build up defenses and modernize my "Stone Age" forces. I will be posting something soon, describing the full inventory of the Armed Forces. But thanks for the heads up! :D

I will be posting a world update as well later on, once I managed to upload the pics. World War III has just officially begun XD

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