[Ruges 4.36] The Awakening of the Iron Wolf (Lithuania)

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Re: [AAR] The Awakening of the Iron Wolf (Lithuania)

#16 Post by elmonstruo » Aug 18 2012

[quote="ixonixas"]Oct 15, 2020


Coalition forces talked much about invasion of Cuba, but were not sure how to do it. But finally they have a plan... This time full scale invasion began.

US started the invasion. Landed their units near Sagua la grande city and landed light infantry units through air in west side of island while Cuba's army took Guantanamo base.


After successful invasion US commanders ordered the men to attack Cuba's capital.


Netherlands second army battalion arrived on the eastern coast. With heavy artillery they took few cities.


Once US secured west coast, Taiwan's military units landed.


Without support from Red Star alliance cubans government surrenders.


Taiwan landed in cuba?
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Re: [Ruges 4.36] The Awakening of the Iron Wolf (Lithuania)

#17 Post by ixonixas » Aug 19 2012

I have stopped again... Damn :lol: It because its impossible to play. All lagy and stuff. Thats why I'm looking forward for "unallianced" ruges mod. Should prevent game from getting too laggy.

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