Can economy actually grow up now?

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Can economy actually grow up now?

#1 Post by MaxRiga » Nov 17 2007

hi there
I havn't been playing SR2010 for 2 years. As I remember i quit playing it when 1.3 patch was out and the problem was that economy could not be grown up. As I remember u can fight with inflation by decreasing ur production but there was no way to build up economy more then u have it by the scenario. You could build factories but as much as just balance with the inflation and cover ur expenses. If u had some for selling u were just lucky. So, before I rush into SR2010 again I just want to ask is it possible in ur latest 1.4 updates to rise ur economy so russia can beat the usa as world most advanced economical power? :)
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#2 Post by Balthagor » Nov 18 2007

It was always possible to make small nations into superpowers, it simply takes time. Including the last patch (1.6) we made lots of changes but I don't recall which ones were in which patch. My suggestion would be to check some of Tkobo's threads to see what can be achieved and check the readme that is included in update 6 for all the changes that came after update 3.
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#3 Post by Lightbringer » Nov 18 2007

Balthagor is right, Tkobo is the econ guy you want. read through the economy threads or send him a PM.

Two simple tips related to production. No matter how painful economically at first, build whatever you have to to become as self sufficient as possible. Imports bad, exports good. :P That is the second thing, find something you can make money selling, and maximize that industry. You do not want to become dependent on exports, but they are a good way to make some cash while you finish the rest of your economy.

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