why am I importing when I have a stockpile?

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why am I importing when I have a stockpile?

#1 Post by General_Jah » Jan 14 2007

Hi Guys,

I'm new to SR 2010 and trying to figure out this massively detailed game. I am on my first SP campaign with Argentina and am working on my economy. I have been stockpiling military goods, expecting a fight down the road with Brazil. I just had a huge spike in my military goods from around 250/d to 3000/d and I'm not sure why.

My questions are:

1) Why would I import 3000 units of Military goods when I have roughly 9k stockpiled?

2) Any idea how I can find out why I suddenly went from 250/d to 3000/d of military goods?


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#2 Post by tkobo » Jan 14 2007

1) if your minister did the import,there might not be any other reason than "he could, and therefore he did".

2) if you open the menu to the window shown here, you can see where your military goods are being used.


As to why a spike occurred, that could be a few things.Building units can cause a spike, artillary firing can cause a spike,etc..
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#3 Post by Lightbringer » Jan 15 2007

One of the AI regions may have either noticed you were buying and decided to make some cash, or simply run into financial trouble and dumped excess military stock. My guess is that if you have the money, and it was available, your minister would buy that much and more every day. The spike (of imports) was probably supply side. If large amounts are readily available every day, someone may have dumped a batch for a cheap price.

The spike of usage was likely (as Tkobo said) from units finishing building or coming out of reserve or repair. You would have noticed it being used for battle purposes (most likely).
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