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Oil and Supply

#1 Post by felinis » Nov 08 2006

OK - in the WWIII scenerio, a 50% oil derrick produces the following "Max Daily Capacity" according to local Supply conditions:

supply = 0%, 160,000 barrels/day
supply = 2%, 257,000 barrels/day
supply = 20%, 339,000 barrels/day
supply = 40%, 676,000 barrels/day

These figures vary according to location.

Could someone please explain the relationship of local Supply to facility output in terms of yield?

Off the West coast of South Africa there is a 50% drilling SITE with 0% supply that is listed as having a MDC of 356,000 bpd.

I assume that that means that if I construct an oil rig there, and I provide maximum sea supply (40%?), that the derrick will yield 356 KBPD.

In NewFinland :
6% supply/100%, 643,000 bpd
22% supply/100%, 826,000 bpd (built sea pier)

The difference is 183 kbpd (when I construct a sea pier ).
This yields an extra 68 million barrels/year.
68 MB * $44/barrel = $3 billion/year.

A Sea Pier costs 4.7 billion/year.

So - should you build a Sea Pier to boost the yield of your 100% oil derrick? No.

Should I build a sea pier for my oil field with many derricks? Yes, if there are enough facilities and if they produce a high enough yield.

Does this make any sense?

The land analogy would be: should I build a Supply Depot to nourish my oil/gas field?
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#2 Post by Pandora's Last Ray » Nov 30 2006

Two things:

1: Oil rigs are very expensive in terms of maintenance. Sea piers are expensive in maintenance.

2: Oil wells on land are cheap maintenance. Supply depots are also cheap.

3: I've been raking in the, well, oil since I build supply depots by my most concentrated oil fields.
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#3 Post by Il Duce » Nov 30 2006

It also helps dramatically to run a few roads or rails in there, and it's an even cheaper enhancement.

The effects of supply are subtly heuristic, and deviously difficult to quantify. 'Efficiency' [not the investment kind, just background efficiency] is loosely tied to DAR, and thus based on funding levels of the socials. These will also affect industrial output, though without historical recording its hard to develop causal metrics [just as research efficiency is calibrated by educational spending, but you can't really set targets].
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