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noobie question

#1 Post by Rogs » Sep 21 2006

i am playing japan in the world war iii scenario

i had horrible shortages at the start of the scenario with power, wood, water and petrol

i fixed power, wood and water by building production plants

but petrol - i cant meet demand from potential domestic production and the commerce interface is set to import as needed, but no petrol comes. i continue to have a critical shortage after about 8 months

wot do i do

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#2 Post by Lightbringer » Sep 21 2006

If i remember correctly, the WWIII scenario is set up to have an 80-85% world petrol supply. If you have no options to build offshore platforms or inland derricks, then you must either conquer a supply, or develope more and more technology to replace oil in power generation and transportation. There are tech advances for advanced clean power sources (wind, solar etc.) advanced coal, oil, and nuclear production (greater output) and a host of advances to reduce population and transportation use of oil. Also eventually Fusion is available to research. You might be able to trade diplomatically for some of these to ease the situation quickly.

Hope that helps. :)
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#3 Post by BigStone » Sep 22 2006

Light is correct... that scenario is mainly build for "going to war"..
Also research is quite impossible or at least very expensive....
Compare the cost of RC's : WWIII = 3.8 B .. in the regular Japan scenario it is just a 675 M... :o

So maybe it is better to play first the normal scenarios....

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