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Wanna buy some uranium, mate?

Posted: Aug 05 2006
by hanzie
So I started a WWIII-game, as African Republic.
A pretty damn hard game, if youre a newbie like me. Especially the economy-part.

I accually looked at the editor first to see which nation was selfsufficient in most things, but it turned out that the numbers I found in the editor only applied to the very first day I played. After that, it hit rockbottom.

Then I realized that I had one uranium-mine and no demand at all. Zero.
I started to sell it but after a few months I saw that I was the only one selling. I was about to quit this game and start over, but I raised the price. 200% markup.. 300%... 500%.. And they kept buying.

Everyday I raised the markup to the fullest and everyday they kept buying.

I hit 1000% and thought "Damn, they're dumb asses."
I hit 10,000% and thought "You gotto be kidding me!"

Right now, Im selling at ~$500,000,000/Unit.
Cost to produce: ~$4.

Other nations have tried to flood the market with cheap uranium long before this point, but I went from negative money to $3trillions in a few days, so I dont need to sell everyday. Or even every month.

Their goods keep selling at around $25-50/unit and my stock keep lurking in the shadows waiting for another dryout. Which eventually comes, every few months.

Right now I got 16 trillion dollars. All from one single uranium mine.
I've built up my industry so that I am selfsufficient in everything.
Not only that, Ive built several backup-buildings in every type of industry, deactivated and waiting for whatever need that may arise.

I got several de-activated large military bases around, some airbases and two ports. Just waiting to be activated once im certain my defenses can repell both Libya and Egypt, if they attack.

Social Spending is maxed out.
Domestic Approval above 70%.
Bought good military designs from all over the world.

For the first time in this game, I feel like the rest of you probably do in every game.
- A potential King of the World. :)

Some people just dont know when to stop buying.

Posted: Aug 05 2006
by rhjyyz
ya , after a awhile it starts to feel like cheating though. I just use auto buy now to make things fairer for the AI

Posted: Aug 05 2006
by Balthagor
This happens for Petroleum and Uranium because there is not enough to meet demand on the map.

Posted: Aug 05 2006
by hanzie
Well... Libya declared war on me.
Egypt shortly after.

All way too soon. :(
I activated all my militarybases in an attempt to be able to get the upperhand later on, but I didnt have enough reservists.. haha

All I got is alot of money and military blueprints.

Im ordering every soldier to have a big stack of crisp new dollar bills in their wallets, so they can give the enemy papercuts when in closecombat.

Everybody knows papercuts is some scary shi*beeep*.
Ever seen a ninja with a dollar?

Posted: Aug 05 2006
by bergsjaeger
:lol: well that's funny. And yes u can be come a multi trillonire with regions with low GDP in WW3. Too bad in ur case u didn't have time to get an army out of the deal. But in real life countries would DoW on a neighbor because they got more wealth.

Posted: Aug 05 2006
by hanzie
hehe yeah, especially if it comes on the expense o themselves.

Posted: Aug 05 2006
by Lightbringer
Here recently I've been playing through a similar situation with North America. I have found that some inventive philanthropy can keep the rest friendly, and a good chunk of any money you give them comes right back to you buy more fuel. :P

Posted: Aug 12 2006
by Firewolf
you would think the other countries would go broke buying at them prices!

Posted: Aug 12 2006
by bergsjaeger
:lol: I seen regions stop buying from me because the price I was charging was too high. And this was when I was the only selling think they went broke or something. And yeah the other regions might go broke if they had to buy too much at such a price.

Posted: Aug 12 2006
by Lightbringer
I've only seen oil for sale by one other country...and they were charging over 1k per barrel. The way I figure it, I'm making more profit than I can spend (and believe me I'm TRYING:D) and I'm only charging about 350$ p/b. The way I figure it, customers are like sheep. Yeah you want to take as much wool as you can from them, but you don't try and make a few extra bucks by killing the herd to sell mutton. LMAO the real oil companies better figure this out before they drive demand for alternative fuels high enough to put themselves out of business. :P