Update 4 & Econ observations

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Il Duce
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Update 4 & Econ observations

#1 Post by Il Duce » Dec 23 2005

Thanks for fixing the autosales of Power -
At last, those trivial bits of overproduction are now selling off properly,
which is a cool million or so on each day.


Well, at least some of the time.

It appears that even with all minister involvement off, that you will get successful selloffs of small surpluses IF you have reasonable mix of power techs [oil vs. coal etc], such that the unit cost of power is optimized. It seems that the Auto-sell engine has no issues selling off below cost, but it objects to selling off below cost if you haven't optimized the costs. Am I hallucinating?

This could turn into one of my convoluted discussions.
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#2 Post by Seydlitz » Jan 05 2006

I don't know about causes, but I noticed that my electricity markup still bounces back above the WM price without an initiative-less minister.

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