Nuclear bombs ???

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Nuclear bombs ???

#1 Post by eimatam » Jul 23 2013

As far as I got a lot of money from Petroleum I Started buying things from Moscow/North China, I bought everything till nukes then I builded 6 atomic missiles and I was like if Colombia will try to do something they will taste these nukes and then thay will be easy to take over (sorry for my english). But I launched it.... And... Bum nothing happend, only city lost 33% of lives and only 1 tank lost 1/10 lives (there was about 20 tanks and only one got hitted and lost only 1/10 lives D: I was expecting to kill at least 15 tanks there D: What is wrong ? Did I did something wrong ? Or is it supposed to happen with pretty much starting Northern China's nukes ? :) THANKS FOR ANSWERS

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Re: Nuclear bombs ???

#2 Post by Ruges » Jul 23 2013

Not all nukes are created equal. And a single nuke is not going to wipe a country off the face of the planet. Nukes don't have aww powerful effects that movies portray. They are just big bombs that have a nasty after effect. (well a bit more then that)

I am to lazy to look up the stats right now, but there are sites out there that can show you the blast radius of the bomb you just droped.

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