Fuel Reserves disappeared - three different games.

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Fuel Reserves disappeared - three different games.

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Okay. This has happened to me on three different sandbox games. 1914 Great war start. First as the US, then twice more as China. In all cases, I had fuel reserves in the 40 Billion area, and then poof, the next moment I'm out of fuel. Fuel locked for no automatic trades of any sort. No major unit activation, and the vast majority of units are currently in reserve.

It's killed the two China games for me. Even though I can go back to an earlier save, I just feel ugh, since I've been doing many manual trades to stockpile early game before everyone starts to hate me.

Is this a common bug? Any workarounds? I couldn't find anything that stood out from the search function. Honestly, only the US can stand to recover from that, and even then, it's a massive hit.
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